Are you feeling stressed out and ready for a change? We can all feel that way sometimes.
Stress is the number one cause of heart disease in this country. I know how crucial it can be to have simple easy relaxation techniques to create a sense of well being.
It’s important to me to share my secrets of success so everyone who reads this article can take away the same gift that I have received from it.
One of the things that is so wonderful is when you are in this place of relaxation your creativity is able to flow. When your creativity is able to flow you bring success and happiness into your life. So important!
Let’s get started with picturing a peaceful and calm body. Take a minute to close your eyes and just let goooo… feel your body relaxing.
1. Relaxation Technique Breathing
Breath is the essence of life. Slow deep breathing from your diaphragm for deep relaxation.
Find a quite place to sit or lay down. Put your hand on your stomach and slowly breathe out. Let all the air flow out of your body. Slowly take in the air as you feel your stomach expand. Put your focus on the in and out of your breath.
As you breathe in hold the air for a moment and slowly release…. Feel how wonderful it is to let the air out of your lungs and diaphragm. Do this exercise for ten minutes. Take your time and get into a natural easy rhythm.
This technique can be done safely anywhere. If you find yourself feeling nervous or anxious stop and take some deep slow breathes.
2. Relaxation Technique Meditation
Clear intention meditation. Have a clear intention in mind that you want to feel. Find a quite place and hold the image in your mind. Imagine that you are on a beach relaxing in the sun. Pick a scene that induces relaxation.
By using guided imagery you can work through fears or problems but seeing everything work out the way you would like.
Spend fifteen to thirty minutes visualizing a peaceful scene such as the beach or a beautiful garden with a waterfall. Picture the green grass all around you.
You are lying in the tall green grass so comfortable and at peace with the world. See you melting with the universe and becoming one with everything.
Take your time to really allow the breeze to sweep over your face. Allow the feeling of well being to sweep over you.
If you need help with these meditations I have recorded some Mp3’s that will guide you into a relaxed state My free visualization and meditation Mp3 downloads.
3. Relaxation Technique Zen Technique
Calming a turbulent mind. A great Zen technique is too empty the mind. You can try a number of different ways to achieve this.
You can picture a black canvas in your mind. Another technique is to use a mantra or sound where you repeat ommmm or some type of saying that produces peace over and over again.
I like to picture a candle flame.
I close my eyes and see the flame burning bright. As you picture the flame allow yourself to go beyond your mind into a complete state of relaxation. Feel yourself become one with the flame.
This can be very powerful and profound. Allow yourself to be lost in the flame. Any time a thought comes to mind go back to the candle flame.
Do this technique for ten to twenty minutes. When you are finished take five minutes to slowly come back to your surroundings. Feeling completely relaxed and at peace with everything around you.
If you have any relaxation techniques that you would like to share. I would love to hear them. I wish for you all the happiness and love the Universe has to offer!

Enlightenment is a state of whole-ness of being “at one” and therefore at peace.” Eckhart Tolle

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