In earlier times there were not too many forms or kinds of media, and thus there also did not exist myriad forms of news. These days there are a variety of news that are available to us, like sports news, entertainment news, national news, political news etc. Nowadays there are also divisions between single forms of news, for example sports news is divided cricket news, foot ball news, tennis news etc. Today all latest news are made available to us in an extremely efficient and detailed fashion. From entertainment news to sports news, these days there are separate bulletins for each kind of news.
• Unlike before, the days a lot of importance is given to each kind of news. For example here are separate and detailed discussions about each types of sport news. For example there are not only news bulletins but also separate news channels and separate sections in the news papers for cricket news, which earlier just used to be a small section within sports news. Thus this reflects that the importance of each kind of news has increased manifold over time.
Sports news of late has gone through a complete revolution. Earlier, in television news there used to be a small slot for sports news at the end of the bulletin. However nowadays with the increasing value that is given to different kinds of sports, the importance of sports news has also increased to a great deal. These days at times, important events or sport news are also telecasted in the headline or right at the beginning of the news. Newspapers also lend a huge space for the coverage of sports news. Every bit of information is scrutinized and analyzed in detail.
• These days due to the improvement in the world of mass communications, and the super efficient networking of news distribution, we get the latest news about all that is happening around the world at a superfast speed. The meaning of latest news has changed over the years from incidents happening a few hours back to incidents happening live. When there was a fire accident recently in one of the major metropolitan cities, people throughout the country got to watch a live coverage of the incident. Thus the definition of latest news has changed completely over time.
Thus these days all kinds of latest news like political, entertainment or sports news or even the detailed news like cricket news or movie news are properly packaged and presented to us with detailed information and within extremely short time.

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