Many of us are intrigued about life and death, the soul and the destiny. Especially when we had an experience of a past life regression, the reality of another body, another life can make one very thoughtful.

I had a past life experience of a life in which I had a body of a man. When the experience started, I was a small boy, eight years old. At first I could see myself from the side and observe how I was dressed in brown pants , brown vest, white shirt and had shiny brown shoes. It was an official occasion. In fact, it was a funeral. I saw a young, beautiful woman lying in a coffin, her body covered with blooming red roses. Her face was fresh, her cheeks had a reddish hue, with curly black hair, and she looked as if she was just sleeping. It was my mother in that lifetime. And I immediately got the realization that this is the very same person that is my mother in this life. We have a deep, strong connection, since we know each other for a long time.

After a while I felt I was present in that body of a boy and I was not only observer anymore. That was a fascinating feeling. It was me, the same me, but in a different body. I have a female body in this life, but there I had a male. And yet, the essence of my being was the same.

This essence of one's very self is the soul. The soul does not change when the body changes. In fact, changing the body is like changing the dress for the soul. Since the body is temporary, the soul accepts another body, when the present body is finished.

But why are we sometimes in a male body and sometimes in a female body? That is determined by our mindset at the moment of death. Whatever we think of at that crucial moment will determine where we will go and what will be our next body. And our last thoughts are the culmination of our thinking and willing that we had throughout our life.

The soul is eternal spiritual entity, never dies, and is never born. Being trapped in a material body is like being in a cage. And the soul can get out of that cage, when he gains the knowledge and is able to rise his consciousnes to spiritual consciousness.

Author's Bio: 

Petra Gustin is born in Slovenia. She dedicated major portion of her life to spiritual practice of bhakti yoga, residing in bhakti yoga asramas in Slovenia, Germany, Sweden and USA and studying the ancient spiritual teachings from India, the Vedas.

As the mind is the central point in yoga practice and control of the mind is necessary for spiritual growth and realization, she naturally studied in detail how to gain control over one's mind. She was also interested how to help others gain more control over their mind, both through spiritual discipline and other methods. Thus she also became interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, since she quickly understood that hypnosis gives access to the subconscious mind and can be used as a tool to gain control over one's subconscious mind. Conscious mind, where will power, logic and reason reside, has only 12% of the total mind power, and 88% of the mind power belongs to the subconscious mind.

She decided to study hypnotherapy and graduated at renowned Hypnosis Motivational Institute (HMI), the nations first accredited college of hypnotherapy. She has her private practice of hypnotherapy now and thrills to see her clients gaining control over their subconscious mind and becoming empowered to change their life permanently. Her specialty is Past Life Regression for spiritual growth, which she utilizes to assist spiritual seekers understand what spiritual lessons they need to learn in this particular life and what is their life purpose and mission at this point of their soul's journey.

Petra Gustin is a Certified Hypnotherapist (AL011773) and Past Life Regression Therapist. She is a member of American Hypnosis Association (AHA) and Hypnotherapists Union Local no.472. (HU Local no. 492/AFL-CIO)

Petra earned her diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the renowned Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), the nation’s first accredited College of Hypnotherapy. She is certified as Certified Hypnotherapist through Hypnotherapists Union, Local no.472/ AC-AFL.