This topic evokes such a powerful energy within my Being.

It's the essence of an energy I know my Soul has come here, once again, to attempt to attain.

I accept that I have not attained it yet, and that it takes countless lifetimes of earth experience for the Soul to evolve.

It sure feels like it's this lifetime though, that Mystical Ecstasy is something I'll be honored to fully experience, just by the sheer power of the magnetic pull I feel towards it.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the ride, savor the beauty, and follow my heart as best I can.

What is Mystical Ecstasy?

When I go deep inside my body and ask this, it responds with its longing to experience another with intimate affection and respect, with soulful tenderness and passion, with the trust of a mutual partnership, the sharing and support of creative ideas, and the joyful, sexual expression of being alive.

In short, Mystical Ecstasy is a current of power that can be pulled into being through a fusion of love, passion, respect, and sexual expression.

My Soul longs for a totally open and transparent partnership. The kind where there are no hidden secrets, that the soul growth and lessons of each other are openly shared with the other, especially the kind of honesty that would admit that this kind of bonding with another, even though so deeply desired, is also frightening, and instead of trying to deny the longing and fear, or hide it beneath layers of ego pride, self-importance, and rigid self-protection, that it is simply and honestly admitted.

I'm reaching for the kind of openness created by revealing not only my desire for this Mystical Ecstasy, but also the fear of this powerful energy, that can surely be released by the total joining of two people expressing their mutual sexual energy united with their surrendered heart.

Somewhere within, my Soul is showing me that when both partners are open and transparent with each other, when they finally let go to one another and bond, that the intensity and vibration of the sexual experience will surpass anything previously imagined.

This is how it’s meant to be.

This is our birthright.

It is also something that can only come into full realization after much inner growth, transformation, and change by both parties.

This is not about losing oneself in another. Been there. Done that.

This is about knowing that no man can give me my happiness and loving feelings. It’s about knowing that I am responsible for that, and to know that fully loving a man and surrendering to my feelings for him only adds to my inner strength and ability to be creative, loving and productive. This is about realizing that I do not have to become weak or submissive in order to be loved.

In all my years, I have never read a more profound description of a fully Autonomous Man, channeled and written by Eva Pierrakos somewhere between 1957, when she was writing and lecturing her work called The Pathwork, and her death in 1979. In the many years that have gone by since then, many men have blessedly come into realizing the divine feminine within themselves.

"The man in the age of expanded consciousness will no longer need a weaker mate in order to deny his own weakness. He meets his own weakness, faces it, and thereby gains his real strength. He realizes that his weakness always comes from guilt, and his self-rejection is always a denial of the integrity of his higher self in one form or another. Therefore the need for a slave no longer exists in him. The man is then not threatened by an equal. He does not require an inferior mate to convince himself of his acceptability, which of course, is then anyway illusory. Once he faces his weakness he must gain his true strength. Therefore his relationship to the woman is truly one of equality; he is not threatened by someone who is creative, as adequate, as morally strong, as intelligent as himself. He will not need to play the master. Again, this enables the man to open his heart and to experience a fulfillment that was previously quite impossible. Whatever vicious circles used to confine him will now turn into benign circles. Instead of inferiority feelings closing the heart, creating resentment, hate, and therefore frustration and blame of the other sex, the benign circle will open the heart. The fully autonomous, self-responsibility, self-actualizing man and woman have nothing to fear, to envy, to resent in the other sex. Therefore they can open all channels of feelings and experience fulfillment as well as a sense of gratitude toward their mate. Thus two equals help each other in their growth as individuals, as man and woman."

It’s easy to fuse bodies on a physical level.

Even mental and spiritual levels may not be that difficult to merge with another if you have much in common on those levels.

But it is the inclusion of the emotional level and seems to be the hardest to bring into the fold, especially for a lot men of my generation.

And yet, to bond with another on all four levels would profoundly unite us as One with our partner, and also One with All That Is.

This becomes the realization of Existence or God in the other, and the realization of Existence or God in oneself.
The sexual experience at this purified level can then become a sacred dance, never to be casual or routine ever again, and this now becomes the essence of a Mystical Ecstasy that can create a feeling of total fulfillment within the individual, the other, and the partnership.

This spills over and adds to All of Life, bringing with it the bliss and joy of healing on all levels...past, present, and future.

Just the longing itself for this kind of partnership is a step in the direction of having that desire fulfilled, no matter what stage of evolution we may be hanging out in at the present time.

The truth of my Soul is revealing to me that Mystical Ecstasy can bring forth a wondrous new freedom.

I feel grateful to know that this kind of unification is possible, and that it is awaiting all who desire it, long for it, and have the courage, patience, and willingness to open up to it.

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Heather Fraser is a writer in Ontario, Canada who has come to understand the meaning of her life as an expression of the sacred and the soul of everyday living. Heather moved to Africa at the age of 9, and it was here that she began to understand the connection to all living things and come to know the grace and wisdom of the esoteric world. She is a published writer, poet, and former nutritional consultant. For more information you can visit her website and blog at