Mythical Phoenix Cries

By Lori Snyder

The phoenix is known as a mythical bird with layers of very beautiful colorful feathers, and a tail of gold and scarlet. It has a life cycle of around 500 to 1000 years, near the end of that cycle, it is said that the phoenix builds and creates itself a nest made of twigs that ignites; the bird and its nest are said to burn to ashes, and then the phoenix rises reborn and fresh, to live again. The new phoenix can live as long, or longer then its old self. The tears of the phoenix are thought to contain amazing healing abilities of everything that is pure, and the cry of the phoenix is a beautiful song.

What are you crying out for? It is very wise to look deep into yourself every once in awhile, and see how your needs are being met. You have absolute responsibility to yourself to create a life that is nothing less then wonderful, enriching and enlightening for yourself, and for those you love, and who share this space with you in this amazing world.

In our everyday busy life, we sometimes tend to push our needs aside and not focus on them half as much as we should be. Once you realize that the more you focus on your wants and needs, the more productive and happy, aware and strong you will be for yourself and for those around you. That in turn will help all your relationships to flourish to its healthiest level of well-being.

Like the phoenix, I recently embarked on re-inventing some of the things I wanted to change in my life, and I also lost something I valued very much. I began looking at everything in my life, and I also started making some changes in my personality that I wanted to shift. It is great to learn from your mistakes, it is even better to incorporate those things you learn, and integrate them into your life, so you do not make those mistakes again. That is why it is so wonderful to understand that we all have the power within us to change, grow, empower ourselves, and continuously nourish our hearts and soul.

Change is constant, and we have all the power within us to create the change we want. We also have the choice of changing and growing with those around us who we love and value, or if need be, to let go of relationships that did not work with us to help each to inspire to their greatest level of wellness.

I am all about staying power in relationships, and working out issues that need to be dealt with, but when you are the only one caring and doing, you need to look at why you would settle for being treated and accepting such a thing. You deserve the best, and until you feel that, and settle for nothing less, you will not get it. Some things we do not have the power to shift, but you do have the power to shift your choices, decisions, and the way you let other people treat you. Value yourself, and other people will then begin to value you as well.

So, what can one do to begin making shifts towards wellness? I think one of the best ways is to first take time each week to get in touch with your inner self. This can best be done in any type of activity that relaxes you, and gives you quiet time for yourself. That may be to exercise, do yoga, meditate, take a walk, read a book, anything that helps you to relax. Focus on looking within; question where you are now, and where you would like to be. Are you happy in all your important relationships? Are your needs being met? Do any changes need to be made, issues to be talked about? Are you happy with your career? And, are you comfortable with your way of living? Answering all these questions is important to begin getting a good hold on where you stand, and if you are happy in that standing. If not, what changes can you start to make? Don’t lie to yourself, take a good look, and have the guts to face what you are not happy with, and what you want to change. Don’t push it to the back of your mind, and forget about it, deal with it. Also know that you do not have to sacrifice something you love and cherish for something else, you can, and should have all that you want.

Be appreciative of who you are now, and of all the people around you who you love, and who love you. Be gracious of all the good in your life, and think of ways you can help better someone else’s life. Thanksgiving is coming, I have been donating what I can, and buying extra cans of food in the supermarket to give to those that need it. What are you doing to help other people?

Be strong, regal and beautiful on the inside and out, and begin singing your song of acceptance, and pure love for who you are now, and who you want to be. Come from a place of strength, and begin to reach for all that you want. Spread your colorful feathers and sing your song. Dig deep in your soul and soar like the phoenix to create rebirth. Have the faith to know that you can create the change you want.

© COPYRIGHT 2009 Lori Snyde

Author's Bio: 

Lori Snyder partners with people who are ready to begin moving their lives in a forward direction. I believe that each person hold within them powerful inner strength, that when tapped into, can help them to create positive results towards making their lives an extraordinary one.

Lori has a degree in Sociology, and is a Certified Executive/Empowerment Coach; she is also an Accredited Energy Leadership Coach. Lori received this certification from IPEC School of Coaching. She is also a successful speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and entrepreneur.

Lori was a columnist for The Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women. And she also was on the advisory board for Newsday s Wellness Magazine; she acted as their Personal Development Coach, and also enjoyed doing a 6 month feature with the magazine, she was also featured in More magazine, and Generations magazine, and was just recently on Life Coach TV. Lori can be reached at or 516-708.9261.