Just as many Americans are becoming more health and weight conscious, pet owners today are becoming more mindful of what they are feeding their furry friends. They are taking note that some of the food we give our pets is contributing to an unhealthy weight gain over the years. And as they gain weight with their age, many times arthritis starts to set in. So some pet owners are looking for better ways to feed their pets healthier foods from the beginning in order to better influence their weight in the long run. We all want our pets to live longer and happier lives, disease free.
A 14-year study that was recently published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association (JAVMA) reports that dogs that were fed in a manner that helped maintain their ideal body weight throughout their lives had a median lifespan of 1.8 years longer, and were considerably healthier than their littermates. But with so many dog-food options available, from raw and dehydrated to grain-free and single-source protein, what is the best diet for our canine companions?
According to Mike Grant, the nutritional science director for SeniorPetProducts.com, several dog nutrition myths have been debunked in recent years. The first interesting myth is: A raw meat diet is best. Today's dog does need a meat-based diet; however, small amounts of grains, like rice, oatmeal, pasta, vegetables, and fruits are a normal and a desirable part of good dog nutrition. He says it is also untrue that dogs can not digest cooked or processed protein. Dogs have no problem using the protein in cooked meat. The second myth: Fat is full of empty calories. In reality, fats are highly digestible and the main source of energy for dogs. One gram of fat provides 2.4 times the energy of one gram of protein or carbohydrates. Fat is also essential for the proper absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. The third discussed myth is: Diets must be tailored to breed and age. A good diet is good throughout his entire lifespan. The only thing that will change is the amount of food and the kinds of supplements your dog needs.
The bottom line is this, dogs need an all around healthy diet full of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When dogs live their whole lives with eating nothing but table scraps, they become obese and age much quicker. As dogs age, everything else starts to deteriorate including their joints, especially if they are overweight. FlexPet with CM8 is manufactured by Flexcin International, Inc., the only provider of dog arthritis natural supplements made with CM8. Not available in other pet supplements, cetyl myristoleate is an ingredient clinically proven to promote optimal joint health in dogs by helping to stimulate the lubricating fluid in the joints, support stronger cartilage reduce pet arthritis and increase total mobility.
So as many pet owners are becoming concerned with their dog’s diet and choosing healthier food for their companions, those who have pets that are already seeing the effects that obesity has on poor joint health, are turning toward alternative remedies such as FlexPet to make healthy choices for their dogs and cats.

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