The general consensus about men’s sexuality is very superficial and considered to be far less complicated than that of women. There is no dearth of misconceptions to speak of. This ignorance and lack of self-awareness have even made men believe in these stereotypes. Here are some very popular myths that surround men’s sexuality.

Myth 1: SizeMatters

No, it doesn’t, but what matters is the compatibility between partners.

The problem that occurs here is that, a man is always concerned about the size; he thinks his is not adequate enough to satisfy a woman. Most of the men refuse to believe that it’s not an issue for woman. A man who is insecure about himself is also an easy target for bullying.

Myth 2: You can actually go on..and on

This myth is primarily created by porn. We consider the duration shown there to be the truth and unnecessarily create a non-realistic self-expectation and then suffer from it, which results in a non-satisfactory sexual experience. But we have to understand that what shown in those videos is nowhere near the truth, there is performance enhancing drugs and editing involved. But the case of premature ejaculation is a serious problem. If you are suffering, then don’t panic, it’s treatable. You can Buy Male Sex Enhancer Online in Bangalore and see the difference yourself.

Myth 3: Erection is must

This is another stereotype that surrounds men’s sexuality. Yes, every man feels that in the presence of their partner or an attractive woman they must achieve erection. But this isn’t true at all, a man on any given day may feel tired or he is stressed about something or he is not focused, so he may not achieve erection. Also, some men feel that they have to develop a certain intimate and emotional bond with the woman first. Circumstances also play a key role here.

But some case studies have shown that women sometime prefer the foreplay more than the intercourse itself. The process of arousing a woman and making her turned on can be a pleasurable experience too. So, if you are not getting an erection then don’t worry, may be you are not feeling it that day.

Myth 4: Masturbation is the devil

The truth is, it’s not the devil. Even though people believe that masturbation can harm the actual sexual drive, the truth is far from it. Men generally masturbate, when there is no sexual partner or possibility. So, masturbation is a very normal behaviour so don’t worry about it.

Myth 5: Men are more eager

No, not necessarily. A man’s sexual eagerness is equal to a woman or in some cases even less than a woman. But what’s ridiculous is that a man who is eager than a woman is often labelled as an addict. But researches have shown that there is no such thing as sex addiction.

Myth 6: Men are addicted to porn

This is another stereotype that needs to be busted. It’s not only men who watch porn; women watch it too and enjoy it. Researches show that men enjoy both porn and sex, and don’t want to replace one with another.

These myths over the years have created a lot confusion and insecurity among men but when you dissect them one by one, you will find no substance in them. Yes, there are people who suffer from certain sexual problems but that’s a completely different thing. So, stop believing in these myths and understand the reality.

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