Many businesses are trying to find the middle path between the legacy IT infrastructure and the modern technologies. The IT managers are looking for a hybrid technology that will make use of traditional equipment blended with the latest IT systems to bring the better output. They are expecting better flexibility, improved agility, faster speed, better performance, higher network availability and improved uptime.

Hybrid cloud is one of those ace technologies that have optimized the IT resources and resulted in the incredible advantages to the businesses. However, there are still some misconceptions among the business managers that stops them from making a move to the Hybrid Cloud.
Here, we will discuss what fears the enterprises about Hybrid cloud hosting. We will correct all these myths with the facts.

Myth 1: Hybrid cloud is insecure
There is a constant rise in the cyber-attacks, this is why Security shall never be ignored and it should be given the utmost priority for IT services. Even a small security loophole may lead to irreparable damages for the businesses. The hybrid cloud myth that it’s not secure is a big misconception. The fact is that unlike other IT services wherein the user is responsible for any security issue, in the hybrid cloud environment, the cloud providers also manage the security. Choose your cloud provider wisely, so that you can get advanced security services like latest data encryption technology, multi-zone firewall, modern network and server protection systems and many more cutting-edge security services for your hybrid cloud environment.

Myth 2: Hybrid Cloud is not reliable
Many consider Hybrid Cloud is not reliable. The fact holds that Cloud services are much more reliable than any other traditional platform. Cloud works on a resilient and fault-tolerant approach. Your data is stored with multiple servers and locations, saving it from any loss. Even if one of the servers fails to perform, the data remains safe on other servers. It even enables higher server availability as well as better scalability. Hybrid Cloud Server is highly reliable.

Myth 3: It’s better to use Public Cloud
Public cloud is not the solution for everything. It definitely fits for businesses of all kind and sizes but it is not helpful for each business task. Enterprises should start moving their critical business data and applications to the private cloud, keeping the not-too-critical ones in the public cloud environment. Hybrid IT approach will deliver the best results.

Myth 4: Moving large data in hybrid cloud is a challenge
No other solution offers data storage as efficient as Hybrid Cloud services. Hybrid cloud brings the blend of public cloud storage advantage and security feature of private  cloud, making it the most suitable option for moving large data.

These Myths are the result of poor services experienced by few users of cheap cloud providers. The reality is that Cloud services deliver higher uptime, sufficient bandwidth, greater security, resilient network and is extremely reliable, like no other IT solution. The best way to know the fact is to try services from a well-experienced and reputed cloud providers.

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