Weight loss mentioned in the context of medicine, physical fitness or health mainly is the reduction in overall mass of the body by reducing the size of or removing unnecessary body mass body fluids, adipose or other tissues. In India, specialised doctors and surgeons offer constant services for the same and dedicate their time to make this experience better and satisfying for the patients. The main aim of the surgery is to make a balance in your life through professional and expert help and guidance for the overall maintenance of your health and fitness so that you can go on to lead a good life and avoid various diseases that can otherwise have a drastic impact on your physical and mental well being.

Bariatric surgeons make certain changes in the stomach or small intestine which reduces the calorie absorption or food intake leading to a balanced diet pattern. Depending upon this, various types of fat reduction surgeries are offered and you can easily choose from these after discussing with a specialist and the protocol will be decided as per your requirement. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about weight loss surgeries and these often lead to the idea that the surgery can lead to various complications and affect the normal functioning of the patient's body. Some of the most common myths which surround the people's mind are:
1. There’s Only One Kind of Weight Loss Surgery-
the surgery can be either used to restrict the food intake or the calorie absorption and the type of surgery to be performed varies from person to person. You can choose from a variety of treatment procedures that include. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, and duodenal switch.
2. Weight Loss Surgery is a Permanent Solution to Weight Loss-
This again is not true as weight loss surgery is not a magic bullet which will be a permanent solution to the issue in spite of the continuation of unhealthy eating habits or lifestyle of people. If you shift to unhealthy eating habits post surgery the weight gain would start again or even in a more rapid way.
3. Weight Loss Surgeries are Dangerous-
There might some risks but being operated is still a far better and healthier option than staying obese and curbing the chance of getting rid of those extra pounds. In order to avoid unnecessary complications, you can simply consult an expert in the field and get your treatment done from him/her.
4. Post Recovery is a Very Long and Slow Process-
Most of the research and studies associated with weight loss surgery have shown that people can easily resume their daily activities and lead a normal life after one to two weeks of surgery, though there might be instances when patients might report lack of energy but it gets better with time.
5. After a Weight Loss Surgery, You won’t be Able to Eat Enough to Gain Weight Again-
Most of the patients have an extremely reduced appetite after the bariatric surgery because in most of the cases the size of the stomach is reduced to allow less food storage and accumulation. However, in few cases there still can be a possibility of weight gain due to excess intake of food or taking in many small meals, this has to be taken care of and one should strictly strive and stick to a plan suggested by the physician.
6. If You Eat Large Meals After Weight Loss Surgery Your Stomach Won't Stretch:
It has been found that the bottom end of the stomach can only stretch which creates a passage for the removal of wastes, however, in cases of extensive food intake, this will lead to weight gain.
7. Reduction in the Size for Stomach Means One cannot have Enough Nutrients:
This is a very common misconception, but it is easily tackled through well-designed diet plans which need to be followed actively and nutritional supplements. These diet plans are specially designed as per your requirement.
8. Insurance does not Cover Weight Loss Surgery:
Insurance laws vary in different states, however, in case your doctor has prescribed the surgery, insurance companies might take the partial or full payment of so. This is beneficial for patients to cover expenses.

There are a lot of stigma and misguided judgments around weight reduction surgery that can settle on the choice to have it covered in doubts and discredit. We are bound to provide you with all the necessary details about the surgery as well as to keep you in line with whatever is planned for you. It is very important to get rid of excess weight in various cases of need. A weight loss surgery is prescribed by the doctors only in cases of need and better health possibilities. There are plenty of other myths attached to the weight loss reduction surgery and through this article, we aim to sensitize you with the health benefits of this procedure and how it works to aid people with obesity to become healthier. In India, you can easily opt for the best weight loss surgery in Jaipur where doctors resort to the use of the latest technology for offering treatments that are at par with excellence.

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Bariatric medical procedure includes a variety of procedures performed on individuals who have excessive body weight. Weight reduction is accomplished by diminishing the size of the stomach with the help of a gastric band or by the removal of a part of the stomach or by resecting and re-steering the small digestive system to a little stomach pocket. Roux-en-Y is a new and effective procedure in which the surgeons reduce the size of the stomach to avoid accumulation of excess food; it could be either adjustable or permanent depending upon the patient's choice. There could be other surgeries as well like implants, gastric sleeve or duodenal switch. Post-bariatric surgery, the effects become visible within a few months. The surgery is very beneficial as it not only helps you to lose weight but also minimises the vulnerability to various diseases that can be triggered by obesity. These include chronic heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, joint problems, hormonal imbalance etc. Bariatric surgeons in India offer a wide range of procedures to choose from.