Angular Stomatitis is a lesion in the mouth area that causes it to be unattractive to look at. Obviously, when you say lesions, they would really look like wounds. Since these “wounds” can be found right on the lips, they cannot be hidden. You cannot deny having them.

There are myths surrounding Angular Stomatitis that might just be untrue.

1. There are stories saying that Angular Stomatitis is contagious. This belief only contributes to the discomfort that the ones suffering from the disease already feel. Those who believe this myth would surely avoid people with Angular Stomatitis. When the ones suffering from the disease itself would voluntarily distance themselves from other people, how much more socialization could they expect to get when other people would also stay away from them as far as they can?

2. Another myth is that the disease is believed to have come from the same family of disease same as those of cold sores and herpes. When myths like these would continue to circulate among society, anyone who has Angular Stomatitis should prepare to handle curious glances or stares and less-friendly social gestures from people who would see their chapped lips, cracked mouth corners, and dry mouths.

These are of course just myths though it may seem as though this disease really is contagious because people who have it are being shunned. For instance, how often do you find people brave enough to kiss someone who has lesions on the lips or cracked corners on the mouth?

Who are prone to Angular Stomatitis?

• The disease usually targets the elderly people even if almost everyone else gets affected by it. There are also certain groups of people who are more prone to catching the disease such as those who have allergies.
• People who are affected with skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, seborrhoiec, and those who use isotretinoin as acne treatment are also prone to Angular Stomatitis.
• Generally, people with weak immune system, unhealthy diet, and malnutrition are easy targets of the disease. Vitamin-deficient people would not be strong enough to ward off the disease.

Examples of vitamins that the body would need to be strong enough against the disease are Vitamin B-2 or Riboflavin, B-3 or Niacin, B-6 or Pyridoxine, B-12 or Cynocobalamin, and iron. Having known the vulnerable points of your body, you should cover them up with a protective shield by strengthening them so the bacteria that trigger the disease will not be able to find its way into your body. You would not want to experience the same social dilemma that most people inflicted with it have.

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