Nagas - Powerful Mystical Beings Bring You Boons or Afflictions Remove Snake Curses on Naga Chaturthi & Panchami

There are 2 planets that can cause serious havoc in your chart and yet they don’t even exist. Rahu and Ketu, the North and South nodes of the Moon are also the shadowy planets. Rahu compels you to have new experiences and forget the past; whereas, Ketu compels you to embrace the past and uphold tradition. Both amplify whatever they are associated with for, positive or negative. The success or failure visited upon you by Rahu or Ketu often comes as a comprehensive surprise. The intensity and energy of how the karma unfolds will depend on the strength of Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart.

July 27th and 28th (IST) (as per Indian Almanac) are two auspicious times to remedy Rahu and Ketu afflictions. These days are important and are referred as Naga Chaturthi and Naga Panchami. As per Vedic scriptures, offering prayers on Naga Chaturthi and Naga panchami will help to remove the effects of curses from Nagas (snakes) from you or your family. Interestingly, the great Siddha Patanjali is considered to be an incarnation of Adishesha, the Naga King.

Rahu and Ketu together are seen as the cause behind most of the emotional problems, possession by negative entities, incurable diseases and attraction to the dark side of life and sudden negative events. Offering prayers to Rahu and Ketu on naga chaturthi and Naga Panchami will keep a check on their negative influences in your life.

As per Vedic stories, Lord Brahma gave a boon to Serpents that they would get respected / worshipped by human beings on the Earth plane on naga panchami and the effects of curses from the snakes can be dissolved on this auspicious day.

Mythology behind Rahu and Ketu
It is said that Rahu and Ketu together, were considered to be a single planet. Lord Vishnu found that these planets in disguise of God, were stealing the immortal elixir. Annoyed, he cut these planets into two halves (Rahu and Ketu separately); where Rahu (the head) signifies intelligence, wisdom and knowledge; whereas, Ketu (the tail) represents liberation. Thus, these planets are considered to be the most influential hidden forces of human life.

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