Toenail fungus, medically known as onychomycosis, is a common condition that typically begins as a white, yellow, or brown discoloration (usually a spot or streak) under the nail. It makes up 50% of nail abnormalities and affects up to 20% of the adult population. As it spreads or goes deeper, it could cause the nail to thicken, crumble, distort in shape, loosen, or, at the very worst, fall off. Toenail fungus can affect part of a nail, the entirety of a single nail, or multiple nails at a time if the infection spreads to the neighboring nails.

There are multiple signs and symptoms to watch out for if you suspect that you may soon be suffering from fungal nail infection. However, without the proper information, this condition can oftentimes be misunderstood or even misdiagnosed. Additionally, while there are many treatment options available out there, without the appropriate knowledge or right resources, it’s hard to find the right one for you.

Here is a quick list of the best nail fungus resources available to help you further understand this condition, and help you find the best possible treatment for you.

Global Nail Fungus Organization

By far one of the best nail fungus resources available online, Global Nail Fungus Organization solely focuses on fungal nail infections, and goes in-depth with the necessary details via case studies and the latest research about the condition and its possible treatments. Global Nail Fungus Organization has helped over 35 million Americans suffering from fungal nail infections by providing an extensive list of treatments options, ranging from over-the-counter topical solutions to home remedies to surgical procedures to non-surgical nail removal options. They also offer a medication comparison page covering the best topical solutions available, as well as a definitive treatment guide on how to apply them.

Mayo Clinic

According to their official website, Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization that is committed to clinical practice, offering education and research, as well as providing expert care to everyone who needs it. They remain one of the most popular websites prior to initial diagnosis, making it one of the most trustworthy nail fungus resources online. Mayo Clinic covers the most essential and most relevant medical information about various health concerns, including toenail fungus. Mayo Clinic gives a general overview of the condition, along with symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevention, and treatments.

Web MD

Web MD has an editorial staff that combines a variety of award-winning expertise in medicine, journalism, health communication, and content creation to ensure that you are presented with only the best health information possible. The website and staff provides valuable timely and credible information, tools, and support. They are affiliated with, whose medical professionals are part of Web MD’s Medical Editorial Board as well as frequent contributors to their official website. Web MD has a quick but detailed slideshow on how to handle toenail fungus under their Skin Problems and Treatments category.


Over 125 million people turn to Healthline every month, making them one of the fastest-growing health information site. Their team – which covers the full spectrum of medicine, involves physicians, nurses, public health experts, and patent advocates – manages an extensive network of clinicians who provide medical reviews and articles for their website, ensuring that the information you receive is accurate, evidence-based, current, and credible. Healthline has published articles on home remedies that can effectively get rid of toenail fungus.

Med Broadcast

The MediResource Medical Review Faculty offers trustworthy content expertly written and thoroughly researched by their dedicated staff, which comprises of a long list of in-house health care professionals, editors and medical writers, and a team of medical advisors and freelance medical writers. All written content on their official website is clinically reviewed by a health care professional prior to publication. They have a page exclusively for toenail fungus, ticking off causes, symptoms and complications, treatment and prevention, as well as treatment options.

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