Name for your dog 5 tips to choose

Dog or cat? Which breed takes less work? How to ensure the welfare of animals? These are just some doubts of those who decide to have an animal at home. Among so many dilemmas, choosing the dog's name is another important decision. A suitable nickname can even facilitate training.

There are some tricks to find the ideal option. The secret is to understand canine psychology. Follow the tips below and get inspired to baptize your furry.

1) Simplify as much as possible

The name is nothing more than a code to call the dog. The smaller, the easier it is for the animal to understand you. Therefore, prefer words of one or two syllables, which do not

take long to be pronounced.

This precaution also applies to families with young children. The kids

manage to say "Toto" but have difficulty saying "Theodore," for example.

2) Use strong consonants and end with a vowel

Dogs' ears are more sensitive to some sound frequencies. Phonemes with C, K, and CH attract a lot of attention. The vowels, on the other hand, give even more clarity, as humans easily enunciate them. Some names for pets that fit these requirements are Teko, Cacau, and Xena.

3) Avoid rhymes with commands

The most used words to educate the puppy are "sit," "stay," "lie down," "rolls," and "search." He does not understand the meaning of the term, but he knows that that sound determines an action.

Therefore, a name similar to the commands can cause confusion. If you use the "search" order, it is best not to call your Volkswagen Beetle mascot.

4) Don't use everyday words

The same care applies to very common expressions or to the proper names of people in the house. Try naming your dog Chuvisco and then scold your son Francisco. Your four-legged friend may think that the rascal was himself.

5) Prefer positive nicknames

As already said, these creatures do not understand the meaning of words. However, they can pick up a playful or mocking tone. Derogatory treatment harms the welfare of animals and is capable of arousing prejudice. Imagine a puppy walking around the neighborhood. It is known as Capeta. People unaware can fear it or treat it with violence, especially if it growls or

other bark.

Another situation: the pet was born without a paw and, for this reason, they called it Manco.

This ends up becoming a joke among some children in the neighborhood. The behavior must be avoided to discourage intolerance of shortcomings.

Dog name suggestions

After these tips, you may have already eliminated some crazy options.

Still, there are a lot of possible names to choose from, right?

One way out is to go to the famous: Lassie, Marley, Beethoven, Bolt, Scooby. If any of these match your dog's personality and physical characteristics, there is no mistake.

Another suggestion is to appeal to the most used nicknames. There are no official statistics, but lists posted on the Internet often repeat examples.

Some suggestions for you:

⦁ Honey

⦁ Nina

⦁ Thor

⦁ Meg

⦁ Blackberry

⦁ Belinha

⦁ Luna

⦁ Lola

⦁ Billy

⦁ Bob

⦁ Susi

⦁ Princess

⦁ Rex.

Whatever your choice, the important thing is to find a

nice name. It should sound good and not cause strangeness - both in humans and in dogs.

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