Name of the Organization vs. Its Logo Design

Introduction of a thing creates its perception and this perception builds its image. Therefore, it is highly important to create right perception. In business world, introduction of an organization or a product matters the most. Launching phase is important because it creates awareness among the target audience about the product or the organization. Marketing activities conducted during this initial period build up the momentum for remaining journey of the product.

Name of a product or an organization is its biggest introduction. Initially, it was only the name that used to serve as an identity, but then came Logo Design. Logo is a graphical illustration that carries name of an organization, brand or a product along with colors, images or a tagline. Gradually, logo design became a mandatory tool in the business world because of its high importance and huge benefits. Although, both, name of the organization and its logo, serve the purpose of creating identity, but logo is far better to be used than simply using the name of the organization. It is better because it helps in growth, marketing, promotion and development of a business.

Logo design is a graphical illustration. It has colors and images, which make it enticing and attractive. Thus, the logo design is a tool that can grab the attention of target customers. On the other hand, if an organization simply uses its name instead of its logo, then the name would not have as powerful impression as the logo since, it would lack graphics and colors. Now, why is it important to grab the attention of target customers? It is important because things that readily catch our attention, they get embedded in our memories with ease. Therefore, customers tend to remember brands whose logos are unique and attention grabbing.

Although, logo design also contains name of the organization, but it is mixed with colors and graphics that’s why, it readily creates recognition of the organization in the industry. Moreover, name of the organization fails to describe much about the nature of its business while, a good logo design reflects nature of the business in an appealing manner. Thus, the introduction of an organization or a brand through logo becomes more powerful and captivating. It helps target audience to create right perception about caliber of the organization. If logo of a brand is creative, then customers also expect its products to be innovative and of high quality.

Unlike name of the organization, logo design is a complete marketing tool. For example, on a billboard, if you place logo of an organization, then it will not only tell about the brand name, but it will also describe about the nature of its business. On the other hand, name of the organization, if place on billboards, will not be enough as an introduction of the brand. Few lines about the organization’s business will be required to convey right message across target market. Therefore, it is highly advantageous to use logo of an organization than to use name of the organization as an introduction. This is the reason why logo design is considered mandatory for progress of a business.

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