Think of NANO Yoga as taking a bath or a shower for the inside of our body. However often you take a regular bath or shower is how often you do NANO Yoga. Daily would be great; however, that is not always possible. Skipping a day or two does not ruin it.
'Just as nanotechnology has the potential to send nano particles within the body system to seek out and treat afflicted parts, pranayam in yoga sends oxygen to the remotest parts inside the body which need oxygen for cure,' guru Swami Ramdev said.

When practicing an asana class if we experience a few seconds of yoga ( the ultimate meshing of the spirit in the mind and body) we indeed are priveledged. That is the defintion of Nano Yoga. We need only a few seconds a day to lay a foundation for the next 24 hours. We all practice Yoga for a reason. Those reasons vary from individual to individual. The result,; however, is the same. The confines of our individual capabilities are overridden by the healing capabilities of Yoga. As we know, we are still bound by the mortality and fraility of the human condition, but the meshing that occurs during Yoga allows all of us the experience life to the best of our abilities. Yoga is a natural life force and is available to us sometimes without even practicing asana. What has been discovered over time is that an asana class or a course on pranayama or meditation is the same as having a map to our destination. Those practices make it easier to get there.

Early practicioners of meditation found that by doing a few asanas or focused breathing practices, that the state of meditation was easier to achieve. They then discovered incidentaly, that the asana practices had great byproducts i.e. increased flexibilty, strength, and balance. We in the West ; for the most part, practice asana to increase our flexibility, strength, and balance and as a byproduct we discovered that the practice brings a desired stillness to the mind that we had not been used to. Unlike many other exercise routines, Yoga asana; when instructed with the full force of focused breathing, brings about a sensation that is sometimes difficult to define. We know that something is different and pleasant and that we want more of it.

During the practice of NANO Yoga we want to keep the mind as still as possible to allow our dormant mental capabilities to awaken and begin to shape the balance of our lives. We will talk about "dormant mental capabilities" later. For now, we want to learn to keep track of our postures without counting.

Focused breathing means listen to and feel your breath; both inhale and exhale. It is OK to inhale thru the mouth; but for now, we want to begin the practice of inhaling thru the nose and exhaling thru the mouth. Try this practice. Lay on your bed or the floor. Place your hands on the navel. Inhale thru the nose lifting up the area of the navel. as you exha;le thru the mouth, the navel and hands will fall. Repeat this breathing exercise a few times until you get the hang of it. This style of breathing is called "diaphramatic breathing" and is very beneficial to every system in the body. This method supplies air to the lower part of the lungs wher more of the oxygen exhange takes place between the lungs and the arteries which carry the oxygen to the rest of the body. During this process, we are detoxing every time we exhale. By exhaling thru the mouth we don't trap any of our toxins in the cilia of the nose. By exhaling this way, we do a more efficient job of cleaning the inside of our body.

As soon as possible come to the conclusion that NANO Yoga is something that you are going to do for the rest of your life. We start with 7 repetitions ( feeling count: right thumb-right index finger-right middle finger ) of the postures in this book for the first month. The second month we do 14 repetitions ( feeling count: index finger of the left hand- index, middle, ring and pinkie of the right hand ). Only after 2 months do we try to do the full 21 repetitions (Feeling count: index and middle finger of the left hand-index finger of the right hand ).

Take it slow and easy for the first two months since you are going to be doing this for the rest of your life - there is no rush.

Here are the postures we use while practicing NANO Yoga. Some people refer to them as the 5 Tibetans or the Rights of rejuvenation. We takes those postures forward into a deeper and more fullfilling practice.

As you are learning these exercises if you skip a couple of days; just pick up where you left off. Your persistence will pay off big time.

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Yoga instructor at Penn State University in State College.
Yoga Instructor at Yoga in State College, a studio open for the purpose of introducing Yoga to the students of Penn State and the Central Pennsylvania Community

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