The most successful first step to narcissistic abuse recovery has been proven time and time again to be no contact.

Once abused by a narcissistic individual, enormous addiction aspects, hooks and traumas ensue. This offers a narcissistic individual A-grade narcissistic supply – the ability to know that another person can be affected so adversely, and is totally addicted to trying to receive love, accountability and support from the narcissist regardless of how much abuse and damage is taking place.

These conditions are extremely dangerous and soul destroying and can lead to literal demise for the non-narcissistic individual in the narcissistic relationship. The addiction aspect to pain and trauma in the quest to ‘change it’ can be as powerful as a drug addict’s addiction to heroin.

One thing is for certain, which is the individualsuffering with narcissistic personality disorder will be unrelenting in their quest for more and more narcissistic supply. He or she is not going to suddenly become remorseful, accountable and stop thedestruction of another human being.

Therefore it can be understood that the only effective method for narcissistic abuse recovery is no contact, or modified contact, such as through third parties, in the case of co-parenting. Like any destruction addiction it is essential to get off the hook, and break free from the narcissistic individual in order to recover.

In fact recovery from the abuse is almost impossible when caught up in the abuse, the addictive pulls and the inability to stop oneself going back for more regardless of how much it hurts.

No contact is a strict rule, whereby the narcissist is blocked from contact, and intervention orders are put into place if theydoes not adhere to the request ‘do not contact me again’. Once having implemented, secured and performed no contact, it is usual for victims to go through a severe ‘aftershock’ phase which in fact is physiological withdrawal from the narcissistic individual. It is essential for the individual committed to their personal narcissistic abuse recovery to seek the appropriate healing systems and information that will support him or her through this painful detoxification stage.

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