Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder are uncannily intuitive. They ‘read’ people. The narcissistic personalityrelies on obtaining other people’s attention, and knows exactly which buttons to push to get ‘energy’, otherwise known as narcissistic supply – the drug that allows the narcissist to feel significant, and ‘alive’.

A narcissistic personality wishes to secure energy and ensure a place to project his or her damaged and tormented self on to. The narcissist is conscienceless, he or she has no remorse in using your weakest links against you.

Because the narcissistic personality operates as a chameleon, he or she may change tactics from person to person and from relationship to relationship, depending on the individual he or she is dealing with.

Within a short amount of time, if the narcissist has decided to secure you as narcissistic supply, he or she will win your confidence by beingextremelyattentive in getting to know you.

The purpose of this is to build information. The narcissistic personality looks for vulnerabilities, weak links and insecurities, which he or she can play on down the track in order to confuse and abuse.

It may seem ludicrous that a person hurting you with your own insecurities can manipulate you to stay hooked whilst they abuse you. People with narcissistic personality disorder use gas lighting and projection people with high levels of conscience because they hate to feel like they are ‘wrong’ and ‘misunderstood’,this grants the perfect psychologicalcocktail for the narcissist to operate abominably whilst his or her victim stays attached trying to prove integrity to the narcissist.

Trying to win clemency, validation and approval from an individual with narcissistic personality disorder is a deadly game. The narcissistic personality knows where to hit you at your lowest mark, at you most vulnerable, raw and insecure place. This leaves you reeling in disbelief, horror and dismay over how a person who claims to love you, care for you and who regularly gushes adoration at you, could be capable of such an atrocity. All logic in regard to looking after self (leaving) may be non-existent in the fighting for decency in the face of such emotional onslaughts and shock.

You may believe the details of what the narcissist attacks you with matter to him or her. The truth is they don’t. The narcissistic personality is totally uninterested in the ‘details’ of arguments. The narcissist is simply looking for ‘reactions’ from you.

The narcissistic personality isn’t interested in justice, truth or your integrity. The narcissist thrives off your pain, and loves the fact that all of his or her inner torment can be projected on to you, and you become the crazy, hurt and deranged one.

The moral to this story is, absolutely get to know people’s integrity and character before sharing all your deep, dark secrets. Additionally your approval of self, regardless of other’s opinions, safeguards you against having to prove yourself fruitlessly, all the way to your demise, to a person who has no remorse or conscience.

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