Many narcissistic individuals display the narcissistic personality disorder trait of needing to be the centre of attention. A narcissistic individual feels morbidly empty, and requires attention (narcissistic supply) in order to relieve this inner emptiness and feelings of self-defectiveness. To be admired, ‘seen’, and noticed (even infamously) allow the narcissistic individual to feel special, important and unique.

To be recognised is paramount for the narcissisticindividual,they feel entitled to receive it. In regards to narcissistic relationships the partner will be punished, insulted and gaslighted if the narcissist is not positioned as his or her centre of attention.

The narcissistic personality suffers a pathological envy of others receiving energy and attention when he or she isn’t. Another individual’s fulfilment and satisfaction is a constant reminder to the narcissistic individual as to how he or she cannot maintain good feelings without narcissistic supply extracted from sources outside him or herself.

Needing to be the centre of attention can be identified by observing that the narcissistic individual is not a good listener, and always needs to bring the conversation back to self. The narcissistic tendency of needing to be the centre of attention diminishes other’s input, feelings and needs, and creates the narcissist as a self-entitled person to be admired, respected and acknowledged as an unhealthy and often abusive expectation.

Many narcissistic individuals will purposely surround themselves with people of lesser bearing and standing than themself, in order to be superior to their entourage. This help ensures them a constant source of being the ‘go to’ person to look up to, admire and envy. If the narcissist is challenged, he or she will need to gain the upper hand in order to continue the relationship with contenders of attention who possess intelligence, attractiveness and charisma.

Confidence, personality and charisma are magnetic forces, and when these qualities emerge, one should look closer to avoid becoming intimate with a narcissistic individual, and suffering the consequences of a narcissistic individual. Check for humility, the ability to praise and promote others, and the ability to listen.

Healthy individuals with healthy emotional intelligence are able to hold the spotlight and share the spotlight. The narcissistic individual cannot do so without suffering egoic injury and feeling slighted that others were perceived as being more important than him or her.

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