As a result of childhood abuse, the narcissistic personality submerged and disowned his or her True Self and created a False Self to replace it. The False Self is a glorified, grandiose version of self the narcissist idealisesin order to escape the horrific inner voices ‘you are no-one, unworthy, unacceptable, and defective’.

The False Self is all-pervasive – it has taken over the individual with narcissistic personality disorders entire identity. The False Self is a bottomless pit which only ever feels alive if and when it is receiving narcissistic supply, or is engrossed in thoughts of specialness, uniqueness and being the centre influence of people who are in the narcissist’s world.

Than narcissistic personality has a true inner self which is incredibly damaged, non-functional and incapable of dealing with the onslaught of the inner wounds which the narcissist has disowned, rejected and not taken responsibility for. The False Self therefore is the absolute priority of the narcissist - keeping it fed with narcissistic supply – as a total addiction that is relentless and all consuming. Everyone andeverything in the narcissist’sexistence is mined for narcissistic supply. If the person or thing is not able to provide adequate narcissisticsupply it will be devalued and discarded by the narcissist accordingly.

There is no greater narcissistic injury than being exposed for the phony he or she really is. To lose the hold of the False Self, and have his or hermask ripped down exposing the true distorted, horrific shameful personality is akinto emotional annihilation foran individual with narcissistic personality disorder. He or she will react with incredible vengeance, retaliation and maliciousness.

The narcissistic personality may stop at nothing to exact punishment, which includes but is not limited to the destruction of a person’s reputation with vicious smear campaigns, using any pathological and even criminal method to destroy the person’s life and the narcissist will cause mayhem and havocto any other person who just happens to get in the way. Even the narcissist’s children can become casualties as aresult of him or her taking out revenge on a spouse.

The narcissistic personality has no remorse, conscience or ability to comprehend how actions affect others.As far as the narcissistic personality is concerned, he or she is the victimised one, and the disordered mind ofthe narcissist twists and turns facts into pathologically believing that what he or she did was perpetrated by the other party.

Taking down a person with narcissistic personality disorder’s mask is indeed risky business, and one should be very sure that what needs to be protected is, and there are noloose ends for the narcissistic personality to attack. Be aware that a narcissist may also react vengefully and maliciously to any slight (real or imagines) that threatens his or her False Self. Once realising someone in your life has narcissistic personality disorder, it is more appropriate to create strong boundaries of No Contact or Modified Contact and make it a mission to separate your life from this person.

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