Narcissistic individuals are usually highly functioning within society, and for that reason incredibly difficult to detect. There are many narcissistic people within the community, who are well respected and revered by ‘the outside world’. It is only the individuals who were unfortunately hooked into the inner space of the narcissist who know and experience the truth of this destructive personality disorder.

The common narcissistic tendency is to quickly connect and present ‘everything’ that the other person would like the narcissistic individual to be. Narcissists are experts at reading people, knowing how to disarm them, flatter them, win their confidence and bond with them very quickly.

Many people, when they connect with a narcissistic individual, have the experience of having met their soul mate. It seems that this person is a mirror image of themselves with the same values, beliefs, interests and even previous life experiences – and that it was destiny to meet and be connected to this person.

Little does this person realize that the narcissist is a consummated actor, a pathological liar and incredibly gifted at mimicking body language and creating mirroring in order to have people bond with him or her so that narcissistic supply (attention and energy) can be extracted.

In the early days of a relationship with a narcissistic individual, it is common narcissistic behaviour to be incredibly giving, loving, attentive and accommodating. Other individuals believe the narcissistic individual is incredibly ‘special’ and that he or she has a wonderful, loving giving soul – or conversely that the narcissist is magnetic, entertaining and exciting – in short whatever appeals to the individual who the narcissistic personality is currently targeting.

This is why it is very important to not just blindly take people on face value without getting to know more about them and allowing time to ascertain who they really are – whether it be a relationship, business partner or friendship. Narcissistic individuals do have cracks to their personality which can be detected if you pay attention and trust your intuition.

Even on their best behaviour the narcissistic tendency is to be the centre of attention, to have to promote self to the lengths of grandiosity, and to take umbrage if someone or something else is gaining the attention that the narcissistic personality believe she or she is entitled to.

If something doesn’t feel right, or if a person seems ‘too good to be true’ ensure you say ‘No’ if you feel any unease. Create boundaries, retain your personal interests and don’t simply comply when the suspected narcissist wants to connect with you.

It is vital to not allow someone immediately into your bed, heart, home and life when you haven’t take your time to get to know this person. If you do, by the time you experience the fully blown narcissistic personality, you may be enmeshed, addicted and in for the most devastating ride of your life.

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