All entrepreneurs want to know how to attract more clients. There are a myriad of ecourses, coaching programs, and Internet services that address this issue. But here’s the real secret. We are undergoing a major paradigm shift in marketing. You want more clients because you want to make more money. Money flows to you through other people.

Who those people are and the problem you help them solve is the magic behind getting a flood of new clients coming to you so you market less, your programs and courses fill faster, and you can make more sales of your products and services, doing what you love most.

And that’s why you will want to become a client magnet. So you can make more money, serve more people and enjoy more of life.

When I started my coaching business, I picked my niche based on who I enjoyed working with and the fact that I could solve their problems. But after a while I discovered that my favorite clients were not in the niche I had chosen. So I had to go back over all the material I had gathered on selecting niches and pick a new one.

Let’s talk about why you should pick a narrow niche, or if you already have one, why you should narrow your niche.

The reason you need to narrow your niche is so you can attract the ideal clients that you can serve best AND attract more of them. You see, if you have a wide niche, you may actually attract less potential clients because you aren’t addressing a particular urgent need. So the best way to narrow your niche is to choose a specialty---a specific problem that you can solve for a specific group of people.

Choosing a specialty actually empowers you and opens the door for more opportunities for you to do more of what you're put here on Earth to do. By narrowing your niche, you will actually attract more clients because they are responding to something they urgently need. And that’s going to be you---with the solution to their problem.

By offering a specific tribe a specific solution to an urgent specific problem, you're simply helping them walk through the door, and on the other side of that door are many different ways you can help them. Inside that door are all the great breakthroughs and transformations your client needs to make. That’s where that happens. But if they can’t see that that door is for them in the first place, they’ll never even consider walking through it.

The possibility to create transformation for your ideal clients is really unlimited when you specialize, because by narrowing your niche to something specific, you are creating that door for them to walk through. Once you are seen by your ideal clients as offering a specific solution to their problem, you will discover that they are attracted to you for all kinds of other reasons too. And you’ll will be seen as the expert.

When you narrow your niche, you can charge more for your services because experts (or specialists) can charge more for their services than generalists. We know this to be true in the medical profession. A General Practitioner does not make as much money as a Neurosurgeon, for example. Why? Because the perceived value is greater. Specialists usually have more training that is specialized and they usually have more experience in that particular situation.

So when you narrow your niche you greatly increase your chances of being perceived as the expert and consequently you will attract more clients at higher fees. And narrowing your niche will successfully and dramatically increases your chances of success.

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