We all know that beautifying oneself and the use of jewelry has been around since the prehistoric times. Bead making and bead necklaces called heishe, which have been derived from the Santo Domingo word for shell, have been used for ages. The use of silver in Native American jewelry is not an old concept. It has been used since the early 1850s, when the Mexican silversmiths had to trade their silver trinkets for the cattle from the Navajo. The styles of jewelry used by the Native American Indians:

The Navajo Indian jewelers are well known for their popular squash blossom necklaces. These jewelry artists are known to use pieces of turquoise, coral and other semi-precious stones and then these are surrounded by scrolls, beads and leaf patterns set in sterling silver. Did you know that most of the Native American jewelry produced is made by the Navajos? Their jewelry is the most popular because of the use of sterling silver and stones like coral and turquoise.

The overlay technique is the distinct style of the Hopi Indian Silversmiths. This is the technique that is used involving the setting stones in jewelry making. One sheet of silver has the design etched out and then it is soldered or overlaid onto the second sheet. The background is given a darker touch via oxidizing and the top layer is polished. The skills and art of Native American Indian jewelry making is passed down generations and is quite coveted. Now there are schools that teach these skills to people who want to learn. Native American Indian Jewelry is a great way to make a bold style statement.

Tips for Choosing Appropriate Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry has grown as a popular form of jewelry, meant for making its wearer look fashionable and also for gifting to special people in your life. From traditional treasures of native jewelry designs, the contemporary craftsmen bring out the outstanding pieces of jewelry to make you and your near and dear ones look charming. If you are shopping for the first time, you must know the factors for making a good choice among huge variety of this form of jewelry.

Choose According to Product

Native jewelry can decorate every eligible part of your body with enthralling creations. From necklaces and pendants to bracelets and rings, one can keep on finding some wonderful designs. The chains and earrings are other set of designs featuring in this form of jewelry. Apart from these usual jewelry forms, you can also choose products like watches prepared in native jewelry style. Similarly, there are items like bolo ties and belts to compliment your wardrobe.

Choose According to Material

The Native American jewelry designs make use of variety of minerals for creating breathtaking designs. You have no reason to consider these materials less than precious stones like diamonds and precious metals like gold and platinum. Some of the frequently used materials for native jewelry include turquoise, coral, gaspeite, lapis, oyster, jade and many more. The good thing about all these materials is their availability in different colors, so that you have really tough time while making the final choice.

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