NatraBurst™ provides a wide variety of nutrients in ONE formula. You would typically need to purchase multiple products to achieve the same benefits. One serving of NatraBurst™ gives you more than taking dozens of capsules!

A Powerhouse of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Enzymes, Antioxidants & More…

* High quality protein
* Natural fiber
* More antioxidants than 6 servings of fruits and vegetables
* Digestive enzymes
* Prebiotics & Probiotics for improved digestive health
* Resveratrol, Grape Seed, Quercitin
* Natural appetite suppressants
* Good tasting
* More than 30 super foods containing potent phyto (plant) nutrients

An overview of the exceptional ingredients…

Brown Rice Protein – an excellent hypoallergenic protein source that is also an ideal option for those who adhere to vegetarian/vegan diets.

Protein is an extremely important nutrient…

* Required for building and repair of body tissues (including muscle)
* Contains enzymes, hormones, and many immune molecules
* Essential for body processes such as balancing hydration, nutrient transport, and muscle contraction.
* A source of energy and increases metabolism
* Controls hunger
* Helps keep skin, hair, and nails healthy
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Author's Bio: 

I want to share the health part of it with you first though because we all know without good health wealth is no good. I started this product in December and have been taking it ever since. This product has done so much for me and my health and so much for my family