If you are one of the millions who suffer from anxiety, and are looking for some easy natural alternatives for anxiety and panic attacks, you need to keep reading this article.

So, you were trying to enjoy some quality time with family or friends, and all of the sudden, POW...a sudden anxiety attack ruined your attempt at everyday life.

And all at once, you went from halfway enjoying your life, to being instantly filled with horrific fear and anxiety that you can't control. You start to shake, sweat and tremble as you wonder how you will ever make it out of this alive.

For an anxious individual like you, these feelings and thoughts are normal, everyday occurrences in your daily routine that really don't deserve to be there.

Afterall, you did nothing to invite anxiety and fear into your life, only so that it could control your every move. And you certainly never asked to be anticipating the next attack to make sure you were somewhere "safe" either, did you?

Of course you didn't!

But it is your reality, and there are some easy, natural alternatives that you can do to help avoid these attacks, or stop them when they do happen. If you've seen these methods before but haven't really tried them out, maybe this could be the time you try something that can really work for you.

Get some light exercise:

It is no secret that getting some exercise is great for our overall health, but did you know that regular exercise can do wonders for a panic/anxiety disorder?

Even a small amount of light exercise (running, walking) can eat through the excess adrenaline that your body has as it constantly prepares for a perceived danger. You can begin to think of your general anxiety as a kind of fuel that your body can use to its advantage.

In addition to using up all of that unwanted adrenaline, you will reap the benefits of overall health that comes with regular exercise. If exercise is not your thing, try to add it to your "to do" list, because it is really easy to get just a little bit of exercise in during the day and it really does help.

Breathe deeply and calmly:

This method is tried and true for many anxiety sufferers, but many do not see how this could possibly work to stop a panic attack or reduce overall anxiety.

The next time you are very anxious and in the middle of a full-blown panic attack, stop and take note of your breathing. You are breathing very shallow, and rapidly which does not deliver the oxygen that you need to calm down to your body.

If you think that you won't have time to stop and think of your breathing during your next anxiety attack, you will be mistaken. Breathing is something that we have to do, so why not slow it down a little and get some real benefit out of doing it. Just slowing down and taking some deep breaths can really reduce the symptoms of a panic attack!

There are other easy, natural alternatives for anxiety and panic attacks that can work really well for a person with a panic disorder.

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