Forget the Spanish Fly, Rhinoceros horn or other rumored aphrodisiacs, the most natural libido enhancers are easily accessible and good for your overall health. For thousands of years, humans have been experimenting with various foods and herbs to improve health conditions and support sexual wellness.

The Romans placed oysters high on their list of prized aphrodisiacs. Even Casanova, as the legend goes, ate dozens of raw oysters for breakfast. Not only do they resemble a vagina in look and feel, oysters are high in zinc, which is necessary for sperm production. Raw oysters contain dopamine, and are also high in nutrients that increase testosterone levels.

If you’re not into slurping raw oysters every morning, you can certainly spice up your love life with some good old-fashioned cooking including some of these sexy foods:

Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, which stimulates the hormone production needed for a more active sex life.

Bananas contain bromelain enzyme, which is thought to improve male libido. They’re also rich in potassium and B vitamins, necessary for sex hormone production. The banana and its flower have a marvelous phallic shape and a long-time popular aphrodisiac food.

Avocados are packed with nutrients essential to sexual health, including beta carotene, magnesium and vitamin E. The Aztecs called the avocado tree “Ahuacuatl which translated means “testicle tree”. The ancients thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree resembled the male’s testicles. This is a delicious fruit with a sensuous texture. Serve in slices with a small amount of Balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper.

Celery supports male virility and contains androsterone, one of the most potent of the male pheromones known to sexually arouse women.

Figs increase libido and improve sexual stamina because they are high in amino acids, the building blocks of protein which is needed for the brain chemical dopamine. An open fig is thought to emulate the female sex organs and traditionally thought of as sexual stimulant. Eating a fig in front of your lover can be a powerful erotic act.

Sea vegetables such as kelp, dulse and nori contain calcium, iodine and iron and may boost libido.

Chocolate has phenylethylamine and serotonin, two chemicals that light up pleasure areas in the brain. Chocolate is similar to sex and being in love, in that it makes you feel good.

Ginseng stimulates the circulatory system and revitalizes the whole body – interestingly has a human-like shape root. Perhaps a stir-fry with freshly grated ginger can stir something spicy up in the bedroom later.

Asparagus is frequently enjoyed as an aphrodisiac food – not to mention its phallic shape. Feed your lover boiled or steamed spears for a sensuous experience.

Carrots, which are high vitamins and beta-carotene, are believed to be a stimulant. The phallus shaped carrot has been associated with stimulation since ancient times and was used by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction.

Basil is said to stimulate sex drive and boost fertility, and also said to produce a general sense of well being for the body and mind. Sweet basil is easy to grow and add to many of your home cooked meals and salads.

Honey! Why do we call our loved ones this? What could be sweeter? Many medicines in Egyptian times were based on honey including cures for sterility and impotence. Medieval seducers plied their partners with Mead, a fermented drink made from honey. Lovers on their “Honeymoon” drank mead and it was thought to “sweeten” the marriage.

Pine Nuts are high in zinc – a key mineral necessary to maintain male potency. Pine nuts have been used to stimulate the libido as far back as Medieval times. Serve pine nut cookies with a dark espresso for a stimulating dessert.

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and is used in the homeopathic treatment for impotence. Add a spear to a sweet beverage for a tasty prelude to an evening of passion.

Raspberries & Strawberries are high in vitamin C and perfect foods for hand feeding your lover. Both invite love and are described in erotic literature as “fruit nipples”.

Wine relaxes the body and our nerves, as well as helps to stimulate our senses. Drinking wine with your lover can be an erotic experience. A glass or two of wine can greatly enhance a romantic interlude; however excessive alcohol will make you too drowsy for the after-dinner romance. A moderate amount of wine has been said to “arouse” but much more than that amount with have the reverse affect.

While these are all simple and wonderful ideas, it is also important to take a daily supplement to help maintain overall well being, vitality and healthy libido. A daily capsule or two of a holistic blend of all-natural herbs can increase energy, strength and endurance as well as improve your mood, passion and sex drive.

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