Natural anti aging is possible for everyone. You can have healthy, smooth skin, a fit body and be free from degenerative disease well into your later years. And you do not need expensive surgeries or hormone shots to do it.

Your body is made to last quite a long time. In fact, there are even longevity doctors that believe a person's real life span should be up to 130 years! I'm not too sure how true that may be, however, we do have the tools to stay younger looking longer and to stay healthy. Here are some tips for natural anti aging that anyone can use in their everyday lives.

"We dig our graves with our teeth," is an old saying that means we can eat so poorly we literally slowly kill ourselves. This can be overcome by trying to eat as many whole, natural foods as we can and leaving fried foods and highly processed foods alone.

One thing that is true as we age is that your body stops absorbing as many nutrients as it should. Synthetic vitamin pills will not replace these, either. Add to that the fact that digestion becomes more inhibited as time goes on.

Fresh made vegetable juice can overcome this deficit. You can easily assimilate the nutrients that your body needs. These nutrients are necessary for your body to continue to manufacture healthy, new skin cells as well as collagen to keep your skin tight.

Besides fresh vegetable juice, plenty of fresh, organic, whole fruits and vegetables are some of your best and easiest natural anti aging tools. Because your body manufactures new cells every day to replace old cells, the quality of the new cells your body makes is in direct proportion to the quality of food you eat. For example, your body can not make healthy, fresh cells from a fried doughnut.

Exercise is another natural anti aging tool. But there are various kinds of exercise that can help you age more gracefully and healthier. It is well known that exercise aids in better circulation, carrying more oxygen throughout your body while allowing more waste to leave. It is also very good to increase energy.

Resistance training is one of the best for building muscle. By strengthening your muscles, they will keep a nicer and healthier shape. This means they stay where they are supposed to, instead of sagging to the ground! But your body muscles are not the only muscles you can tone.

Facial exercise is quickly becoming popular and well-known to replace expensive and risky plastic surgery. It can be done at home and does not cost a lot for a program. Your face is shaped by your bone structure as well as the muscles under your skin. They respond to exercise quite quickly so you can keep your eyelids from drooping, cheeks in place and stick to having one chin. And contrary to popular belief, those that use it do not gain more wrinkles, but lose them.

A whole body cleanse can help you look younger, as well. Cleansing your body can help remove toxins that are known to cause hormonal imbalances, as well as prematurely age your skin and body. In case you did not know, these hormonal imbalances often lead to unexplained weight gain, sluggish thyroid, mood swings and interfere with appetite control.

More and more, environmental toxins and foreign chemicals are becoming linked to degenerative disease so often associated with aging. This may be because as we age we have more of a toxic buildup, allowing more internal damage to our bodies.

In addition, a whole body cleanse can help remove internal waste buildup. This intestinal sludge can add not only years to your look, but can cause you to feel low energy, heavy and have a difficult time losing weight.

These natural anti aging techniques are easy for most people. The only tools required are those to help you learn and some whole food supplements for added nutrition by those who need them.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you for years to come.

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Cindy has been working as a Health Practitioner for over 17 years. Read more about natural anti aging or if you are interested, get more facts on Facial Exercise.