The benefits of garlic as a natural antibiotic has been known for centuries. Principally used for cooking and flavoring, garlic has proved to be a gift from nature.

Medicinal antibiotics were introduced during the 1940's and have been used by millions of people all around the world, saving countless lives. Fighting infections, antibiotics have been very successful but have been taken too many times and prescribed needlessly on many occasions. Doctors have prescribed antibiotics too many times and the over-usage has made antibiotics more resistant to infections and in fact, germs and bacteria are evolving to be unbeatable by modern medicine.

Fortunately, nature has bestowed us with a beneficial product that can be used to help deal with many viruses and bacteria. Used for centuries by many different cultures, garlic is recognized as having an amazing range of health advantages. However, garlic is not alone, there are many natural antibiotics found in nature. Research over the years into these natural antibiotics is proving that they can treat many infections that were previously treated with prescribed antibiotics. Garlic is be shown to be one of the best natural antibiotics available.

Garlic has nearly 80 sulfur compounds which have been found to contain an exceptional ability to combat against infections and restore immune systems ability to heal our bodies. Garlic must be taken raw to enjoy the antibiotic qualities, cooked garlic loses its medicinal benefits.

Garlic – Helping your skin

Garlic can be used to deal with acne as well as helping to remove scars. To use in this method, cut a piece of garlic and apply directly onto the skin affected by acne. Do this a few times a day until you see some improvement. Although unknown to many, garlic can be used to treat burns and lacerations of the skin. Garlic has one element, allicin, which provides all the healing and is comparable to penicillin.

Please be aware that when using garlic on the skin topically, it can start to itch and cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin. The allicin in the garlic is very powerful and is causing the burning sensation.

Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol

Garlic has shown that it be very beneficial for people trying to reduce their blood pressure. It can reduce the pressure by up to 10%. Whether you eat garlic or take garlic supplements, either can also lower your cholesterol levels and lessen the risks of heart disease and a heart attack. A recent study into the effects on our coronary artery showed that it reduced the calcification of the artery, which has been known to be one of the causes of heart attacks.

Fighting infections

Additionally, Garlic also contains excellent antiseptic and anti-fungal strengths. Women have been using garlic to deal with yeast infections for many years and research has shown it is very effective against all of yeast infections. Garlic boosts our entire immune system, helping it become very effective for treatment of respiratory viral infections.

Remember, garlic works quickly against infections and doesn't result in any negative side-effects, making it one of the best natural antibiotics available.

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