The horrible shakiness and sweating that come with a panic attack are just the beginning. You have to feel so scared all of the time, while never knowing when the next attack will come on and ruin your entire day. But you can conquer anxiety with some simple to use natural anxiety and panic attack cures.

Living with anxiety and panic attacks has got to be one of the worst things for you, because it is such a real, and scary event that you have to deal with every single day.

Not everybody agrees sometimes though. Doctors tell you that nothing is wrong with you, but you still feel like you are dying because of your anxiety related symptoms. As you continue to feel worse, you keep seeing your doctor, who keeps telling you that nothing is wrong with you.

It's an endless cycle of doctor visits, medications and scary thoughts.

Your health, mind and body suffer through these episodes as you look for one anxiety treatment after the next, and you never get any better, just more scared and feeling totally hopeless.

There is good news for you though, because there are natural anxiety and panic attack cures that are so easy that anybody can do them, and they really do work if you just give them a try.

Don't forget though, that just because something is really simple, doesn't mean that it won't be effective for the treatment of anxiety related thoughts that you are having all of the time.

The next time you feel yourself thinking the worst, try a few of these easy tips to get rid of your anxiety really quick.

A Splash of Cold Water:

You will be in for a shock if you try this method while having a panic attack episode. When you do this, a nerve in your brain triggers something called the "dive reflex" which calms you down. It is literally your body's way of preparing to survive, so your heart slows down, which slows down your breathing.

This natural method is really effective because your panicked mind can not overpower your brain. Whether you like it or not, this method will calm you down, fast!

Face Your Fear:

You may have to build up to this one, because it will be really scary the first few times you try it. Try to really focus as you think about the following.

Have you ever died from any of your panic attacks yet?

Of course you haven't, and you won't the next time either. You can do this, you just have to be willing to be scared for just a few extra minutes to see how easy it is.

When you start to get really scared, don't do anything at all. If you are out and about for the day, do not go home. Do not give in to your thoughts to run away, no matter how scared you become, because you know something?

Anxiety will not kill you this time, either. It never has before, has it?

There are other easy to do natural anxiety and panic attack cures that you can try, that will help you to stop being so scared and nervous all of the time.

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