IBD is inflammatory bowel disease like that of chron’s disease or ulcerative colitis and this is different from IBS or Irritable Bowel Disease. Well if we talk about ulcerative colitis, it is a disease of a digestive tract that affects person’s psychological and social wellbeing. This is a very common and bothering health condition across the globe. There is no cure for this in allopathic science but Ayurveda being a special boon to mankind has a lot to give. Herbs have really a very good control over the situation called ulcerative colitis. One needs to stick to a balanced diet and life style along with herb use so that one can have a soon and better recovery.
As name clears inflammation of colon along with ulcers formation which worsts the symptoms of condition.

Ulcerative colitis involves the innermost layer of colon along with rectum. Symptoms can take place either gradually or all of sudden. Modern science is not clear about the disease, exactly what causes ulcerative colitis but they focus more on stress as it is considered as a psychosomatic disorder there. Again same condition gets worst with all sorts of mental tension and stress. Yes that’s very true up to a huge extent so Ayurveda believes to treat this condition with herbs meant for digestive tract symptoms and mental as well.

Grahani is what called in Ayurveda as ulcerative colitis. Very common disease which is seen in daily practice is ulcerative colitis with mild, moderate to severe symptoms. Ulcerative colitis is a pitta Pradhan disease where pitta gets vitiated with pitta ahara and vihara. This vitiated pitta in the body builds up toxins and produces ama. Intake of bitter, sour, much spicy food items, also alcohol, tobacco etc as this produces heat in the body. Anger, hate etc again aggravate the condition and worsen the symptoms. This is one among 8 serious diseases or called Mahagada’s in Ayurveda which are difficult to diagnose, manage and treat.

It’s not known exactly what causes this condition to rise. It may be genetic i.e. if parents have this condition there are many chances to develop with children. We also can say that allergy to some specific foods can lead to the symptoms. Again as modern science says, stress is a major causative factor to have with this condition. If one’s immune system is not strong, he or she is more prone to develop with this troubling and embarrassing situation.

 Weight loss
 Anemia
 Diarrhea with blood or pus
 Nausea
 Acidity
 Fatigue
 Skin lesions
 Mental weakness
 Irritation
 Laziness etc.


 Fennel works really very good in this condition. Soak fennel seeds overnight in a glass of a lukewarm water, filter and drink in the morning empty stomach. Practice this home remedy daily.
 Eat ripe bananas to overcome symptoms of ulcerative colitis. These are smooth, easy to digest and helps to relieve constipation. It’s good to mix 1 cup of fresh yogurt in 1 mashed banana to have daily once or twice.
 Butter milk mixed with roasted cumin seeds provide beneficial results in this condition. Drink once or twice daily for better results.
 Cooked apples also helps in healing so one can have daily. Apples are rich in iron and phosphorus so this make a wonderful home remedy in ulcerative colitis.
 Tender coconut is again very good to have. It helps to provide cooling effects to the body as there is always burning feeling in the abdomen due to ulcers.
 Prepare a juice with papaya, raw cabbage and carrot with boiled little water and drink daily.

 Drink plenty of water daily.
 Have frequent meals with small diet.
 Prefer vegetables like bitter melon, ridge guard, bottle guard, round guard, ashgaurd.

 Prefer daliya and moong daal khichadi.
 Totally avoid all kinds of junk, much fried and packed foods.
 Say no to alcohol.
 Avoid tea and coffee also all soft drinks.
 Avoid white products like white bread, white rice, prefer brown rice and brown bread instead.

 Avoid mental stress and tension totally.Keep yourself relax and easy.

 Practice yoga and meditation under an expert for better results.


Ayurveda being boon to mankind, especially in health problems like ulcerative colitis has a lot to give so some natural herbs are explained in Ayurveda for this condition like kutaj or vatsak, dadima, arjuna, madhurika, ela, some pistis like praval pisti, mukta pisti, giloy satva etc. let’s know in detail about few –
Kutaj – it’s also called as vatsak as it’s found in vatsak regions like Vindhyachal Mountains. Its botanical mane is Holerrhena antidysenterica. As name says it’s helpful in dysentery, diarrhea and many other conditions like IBS, Ulcerative Colitis. Its grahi and stambhak in actions along with deepana and pachana. It helps to clear the toxins out and controls loose motions along with their frequency. Also it detoxifies the blood and improves digestive strength. It balances kapha and pitta.
Arjun – Terminalia arjuna is another herb well prescribed by Ayurveda experts in Ulcerative colitis. Though it’s a drug of choice in cardiovascular disorders but this also helps in healing of ulcers and take care of blood loss in this condition.

Haridra – Turmeric called in English is packed with standardized extracts called curcumin which cures many diseases and serves as a miracle constituent in healing disoreders. This contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes in effective in ulcerative colitis.

Yastimadhu – Called licorice in Ayurveda. It has immune modulator properties along with anti-inflammatory which aids to contribute an effective and excellent herb in ulcerative colitis. It helps to reduce intestinal inflammation and provide relieve from symptoms like pain and burning sensation.

Ela – Ela is again a wonderful herb in Ayurveda that is known as small cardamom in English. This has got sweet effects after digestion. This helps to reduce many symptoms of ulcerative colitis like bloating of gas, pain, burning sensation etc. due to its appetizer, carminative, antispasmodic actions.

Well, make use of these wonderful natural herbs explained in Ayurveda by our great Acharya’s along with advised diet/life style and home remedies to have a very good control over your condition called Ulcerative Colitis.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan is an Ayurvedic practitioner based in Mohali, India. He is spreading the knowledge of ancient healing treatment Ayurveda, not only in India but also abroad. Dr. Vikram has conducted many seminar and workshop on herbal treatment in various nations.