Causes of Oily Skin

Oily skin is caused when the body's oily glands become overactive and produce too much sebum. This is mainly what makes skin shiny and creates a skin atmosphere prone to blackheads and enlarged pores. During certain stages in life you may experience hormonal shifts that are likely to cause oily skin. Here is a list of factors that influence the development of oily skin:

- Genetics – Did your parents have oily skin? Well then you are probably also going to get it

- Certain medications – Birth control pills could lead to oily skin because it changes the hormone levels in your body

- Maternity – This is also due to the hormonal changes in your body, the sebum glands will increase the production of your natural skin oil

- Certain Foods – This is a factor where there are no solid evidence that a certain diet would help oily skin, nevertheless there are people stating that reducing the amount of fried and fatty food or sugar and salt and instead eat more vegetable and fruits will help your oily skin complexion

- Hormones – Hormonal changes in general can provoke the sebum glands to start overproducing oil which makes your skin look oily

- Seasonal Changes – These types of weather will make your skin look even oilier

- Cosmetics – Not using the right facial treatments can make oily skin even worse

To keep oily skin cleansed most people use plenty of hot water and soap. Also avoid OTC products containing chemical ingredients. These usually strip your skin of its natural oils. Since most people just search for a quick solution they don't realize that the product they've chosen has caused their body to go into overdrive and produce more sebum to compensate the depletion of natural oils. This over-reaction is known as reactive seborrhea.

You can avoid this from happening by using oil-free natural skin care products that will leave your skin hydrated and replenished.

Bio Skin Care - Natural treatments for Oily Skin Care

Most people are more concerned with finding a good oil for skin than treating an oily skin condition. The good news is that there are a few people that have realized the importance of maintaining a healthy skin balance and have opted for more natural treatments. Anyone that wants to go 'natural' is looking for a gentle solution that works. Here is a small list to get you started:

*Lavender: Lavender is recommended to treat oily skin naturally. You simply spritz your skin with lavender water several times a day.

*Mint Juice: Mint juice acts as a very good treatment for oily skin. Fresh juice of mint is applied on the face and the neck each night before sleeping.

*HelixAspersa Muller: This revolutionary compound is found in Nature in the form of snail cream. This natural compound is one of the few compounds capable of recovering the natural physiology of skin. This ability makes it ideal for all skin types. The Helix Aspersa Muller extract is a powerful oil-free immune modulator and regeneration trigger. It removes dead skin cells and maintains pores open.

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