In order to talk about anxiety and panic attacks, it is important to know what an anxiety attack is. Every person gets anxious at different times for different reasons but if it continues beyond what is generally considered to be normal you may be dealing with an anxiety disorder.

Something that comes along with this particular disorder is anxiety attacks, panic episodes, agoraphobia and even OCD which can make you really miserable if you suffer from these afflictions frequently.

When you have severe anxiety attacks you may feel symptoms like dry mouth, chest pain, shaking, sweating and a slew of others that are a direct result of having a panic attack. Many times these panic attacks can last for minutes, hours and in some severe cases several days if the attack is particularly bad. It can even be chronic and long lasting making your life miserable.

Many people believe that natural remedies for anxiety attacks are a good way to go because of the smaller possibility for addiction they face. Here are a few ways in which you can try to eliminate panic and anxiety from your life for good.

Try taking a few cloves of garlic each day. Garlic has ample serotonin in it that calms down the nerves and relieves anxiety because it acts like a tranquilizer. Valerian is another type of herb that people use widely for anxiety disorders. You can find this herb in different forms from your local health food store.

You can take this just before going to bed. There is research available that indicates that taking calcium and magnesium together is shown to reduce the severity of a persons anxiety attack too.

Of course, you will only want to take herbs like this with your doctor's knowledge and blessing.

It is also promising to know that certain vitamins and antioxidants taken together may increase blood flow to your brain, causing feelings of calm when taken correctly. To fight stress and anxiety naturally you can also try a simple B5 vitamin which has shown to improve mood and stress levels.

All of these things aside, a really good way to reduce the symptoms of an anxiety attack, that you get yourself some good old-fashioned exercise and try some common relaxation techniques such as yoga. One more thing that you can do to help out your anxiety is to eat a healthy diet.

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