When you suffer from constipation, especially regularly, there are many things that can contribute to this predicament. Whether it is your diet or your genetics, some aspect of your life is influencing your ability to poop. This is an inconvenient and uncomfortable situation that demands alleviating as soon as possible, but taking laxatives persistently does not address the issue at all and can be detrimental to intestinal health. Instead, you should try to remedy your predicament with natural healthy options that can improve more than just your current issues. With the right dietary changes, you can prevent constipation from plaguing you altogether.

1.)Drink More Water

Water is quite possibly the most underrated substance on the world. We as human beings use it for virtually everything, and our bodies are composed of roughly 75% water. This should indicate to you how imperative water is for our normal functioning. When you are dehydrated, you can seriously impede your body’s ability to produce a bowel movement and dry out your digestive tract.

2.)Alternate Liquids

There are a few common drinks that actually prompt digestion, and if you consume these on an oscillating basis, you can improve your body’s natural aptitude for digestion. These are coffee, prune juice, baking soda infused water, and lemon juice. Each one of these is fibrous and encouraging for the digestive system. You can regulate your stool-passing with ease when you drink these on a regular, alternating basis.

3.)Consume Oils

Oil is a natural lubricant, and it can be exactly what your body needs to push the undigested waste materials through its intestines without strain. Olive oil and coconut oil are two popular options, because they both stimulate the digestive tract in addition to lubricating the intestines. When you eat a tablespoon of oil in the morning, you can rest assured that your bowel movements will become more regular.

4.)Eat More Magnesium

If you need to improve the way that your body digests food, you should consume more magnesium-heavy meals. Alternatively, you could take a magnesium supplement, which would have a similar impact. Peristalsis is impeded when you have a deficient amount of magnesium in your everyday diet, and when you eat more foods rich in this nutrient, you can help your body to process foods more readily. Spinach, nuts, and fish are the most common magnesium-rich foods.

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