Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a quite condition that disfigures and can tear down the nail. The big toe and little toe are the nails that are more to be expected to be exaggerated. This sickness is caused by individual of the several types of fungi that breed in a tepid and damp in your shoes. As they grow, attack and nourish on the protein (keratin) that makes the hard exterior of the feet.

The use of tight shoes and coats of varnish increases the risk of developing nail fungus. Can also be spreaded from person to person in public places such as locker rooms and showers. Having a chronic disease that affects the blood, such as diabetes or HIV also increases the risk.


Apple cider vinegar can be useful to a cloth rubbed among the fingers to ease itching and take away scales and lifeless skin cells.Calendula cream, ointment or tincture diluted in hot water has anti-fungal, astringent and therapeutic, and can be used two or three times a daytime A cup of chamomile tea three times a day, and the application of tea straight to the exaggerated area with a cotton ball three times a day should help out.
The garlic extract is one of the best agents herbal antifungal. Take 6 tablespoons per day. One can also unprocessed garlic in a food processor and apply it to three times each day with a cotton eruptions. Powder the feet and shoes every day with garlic powder. Antifungal properties of garlic have been acknowledged by clinical studies viewing that serum levels of people with antifungal activity of garlic meaningfully Ginger tea, from 2 grams of fresh ginger to boil in 8 ml of water for twenty minutes, contains over twenty different antifungal compounds. Drink a cup of ginger tea three times a day. You can also constrict cotton soaked in tea and bring to the affected area for five minutes three times a day


Eating yogurt with live lively cultures is a big method to find the good quality bacteria that your body desires to motivate fungal infections. It also helps make better the immune system when taking antibiotics Because athlete's foot, nail, nails, skin fungus and Foot is an acidic situation, the creation of acidic foods are eliminated. These include red meat and foods rich in phosphates, such as soft drinks, sugary foods and fried foods (which is simple and diabetes). Know your blood type and see the pages of a diet for you. Intake water is also necessary. In addition, vitamin A needed for the overall health of the skin


Tea tree oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties, which are useful for colds, flu, herpes, warts, inflammation, acne, burns, candida, foot sweat, and the athlete foot. For be used as a natural antiseptic, apply 1-2 drops directly on the skin. Dilute for responsive skin.
Tea Tree Oil: A natural antibacterial necessary oil steam from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia.


Add 10 drops of tea tree oil in a pan of hot water for a foot treatment. Enjoy your feet for twenty minutes three times a day. Dry your feet thoroughly afterwards. You can then immediately apply a few drops of oil on the rash. If you are fed up, diluted with an equal quantity of vegetable oil. You can also coat the tea tree oil on the affected nails twice a day for the fungus at bay. Keep in mind to never drink the oil.Myrrh, which has antifungal and astringent properties can be transformed into a wash.
Add 10 drops of myrrh or a milliliter of tincture of myrrh in a bowl with hot water.

Oral medications for fungal infections of the toenails are itraconazole (Sporanox), fluconazole (Diflucan) and terbinafine (Lamisil), usually up to four months to completely replace the infected nail with uninfected nails.


Include antifungal nail lacquer or, as ciclopirox (Penlac), along with other creams. The use of local measures to identify fungal infections of the nails, but often not completely cure the infection.

In extreme cases, the doctor decides to remove the entire nail.
Alternative medicine for fungal infections of the nails are oil Australian tea tree and grapefruit seed extract. There is no evidence for the use of these products .Always should keep nails short ,clean and dry to prevent any infection .


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