Whether you are dieting or simply wishing to serve a healthy dish to your family, natural sauces will always be the right choice to complete the act. Sauces like these spare you from empty calories and extra fat and at the same time giving you the opportunity to enjoy your meals.

Here are some classic sauces made of natural condiments that you can easily find in your local supermarket. With just a few kitchen tools, you can have that boost the flavor of a healthy meal the moment you want it.


The ketchup that you saw in Mcdonalds is actually the processed version of that healthy sauce originally made of vinegar, tomatoes, salt, pepper and spices. Using a blender, you can create your own customized blend of this versatile sauce, seal it in a jar and keep it chilled in your fridge. This kind of sauce can be used in a lot of situations--be it in a burger or hot dog party or a breakfast companion for that plate of eggs and toast.

If you are a hardcore vegan, opting to make your own DIY mustard recipe has been made easy with the existence of online recipes and online videos. Then again, you have to consider the time element in cooking as treating the mustard seeds with white wine, maple syrup, turmeric, cayenne requires at least 2 days. The fruits of your patience can go a long away as this DYI recipe can last up to six months as long as it is refrigerated. It is best, however, to use it within a month to fully enjoy its natural flavor and avoid the possibility of molds growing in it and altering the taste. You can also go for the mustard sauces sold in the supermarket. Some of them are guaranteed authentic with less preservatives as well as retaining its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.


Through the years, this Korean staple has been slowly penetrating the US market for its good balance of sour, salty and spicy flavors that easily blend in with any savory dish. Yes, there are ready-to-eat kimchi in the supermarket but they are never assured to be MSG-free. Nevertheless, there are options that promised to be gluten and MSG-free and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. You can also make your homemade kimchi with an easy fermentation process that you can try using common kitchen tools and appliances.

Other sauces

Barbecue sauces, be it the white barbecue sauce or the Kansas style barbecue sauce can give a brand-new look to your chicken. Tired of your usual mayonnaise salad dressing, go Asian and make your own DIY teriyaki sauce! The homemade version can make a thicker sauce that can be used as a marinade to your grilled kabobs or chicken breasts and other meats. Does your meal need a spicy kick? Then try the Harissa sauce. If you want to make your own homemade Harrisa, you can always choose to have a very simple spicy paste or one that has a condondrum of spices and veggies in it for a more exciting test.

Other sauces that are loved by a lot of people include pesto, the soy sauce or Tamari, Hoisin sauce, sofrito, salsa, Satay sauce, Ponzu sauce and fish sauce among others.

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