A migraine headache is characterized as an intense throbbing or pulsing headache, typically in one area or side of your temple or occipital areas, and is commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.
Avoid Main Causes:

1. Shallow breathing: Try instead to do frequent deep belly breathing which can reverse and prevent migraines.

2. Neck Pain: I recommend Biocranial Kinesiology and EFT which can help in preventing neck pain and migraines

3. Food triggers: Avoid artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, MSG, flour, sugar, fried foods, cheese, coffee and sodas. Avoid specific foods that are known triggers for migraine headaches. Chocolate, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, sodas, refined sugars, gluten-containing grains, aged cheeses and peanuts are some of the more common food culprits that may be causing your migraines.
Reduce homocysteine by taking B12, Folic acid and B6.
Consume lots of raw or steam vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish.

4. Lack of key supplements: I recommend taking a Co Q10 supplement daily with half teaspoon of olive oil since it is fat soluble. I recommend taking omega 3 essential fatty acids is essential in preventing migraines. Also I recommend taking 5HTP [Tryptophan] will help to reduce migraines and enhance deep sleep.

5. Mineral's diffiency: I recommend taking Magnesium, Calcium, and all other trace minerals which help in preventing and reversing migraines.
Lack of key vitamins: I recommend taking B1 Thiamin, B2 Riboflavin, B3 Niacinamide and vitamin DIII daily which has been proven clinically to reduce headaches and migraines.

6. Lack of exercise: Aerobic exercise is useful to reduce stress and migraines.
Biofeedback has been proven scientifically to be the best natural treatment to prevent migraines.
Taking lavender, Feverfew; Chasteberry tea,Ginger, peppermint oil, Ginger Tea, cayenne and Butterbur root also help the migraines sufferers.
Hormones are also linked to migraines. A marked association exists between women’s headaches and their menstrual cycles, and in no headache type is this more obvious than in migraines. Researchers suggest that 10 to 20 percent of all women experience some sort of migraine during or around the time of their menstrual period.

7. Avoid Allergies and sensitivities to certain substances that are triggers for migraines. Migraine sufferers decreased their symptoms when sensitivity-causing foods were eliminated from their diet.

Using the above natural solutions to mitigate migraines is much more safer and effective than using over the counter or prescription medications.
Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D.

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Dr. George Grant is considered by his peers as Canada‘s Wellness Ambassador & Champion. He is the founder & CEO of Academy of Wellness in 1983. Dr Grant enjoys a stellar academic background as well as a fascinating career in research. He is a scientist, professor, analytical chemist, toxicologist, pharmacologist, microbiologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management & pain specialist, and indoor air quality specialist. Dr Grant is the author of 7 best selling books, former Scientist at University of Saskatchewan‘s Faculty of Pharmacy and Nutrition, Professor at Seneca College in Toronto, and Senior Consultant for Health Canada as well as in private practice.
Prof. Dr. Grant is among International Who’s Who of Professionals. He has 100 published articles, conference presentations, book reviews and 7 bestselling books, including a chapter in 100 ways to improve your life with Mark Victor Hanson, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Dr Grant helped 7 Olympic athletes to remain competitive. Dr. Grant helped thousands of his clients, corporations and non profit organizations worldwide through his passion for wellness and compassion for his clients. He pioneered the research of Beta Endorphins on SIDS at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sask., Saskatoon, Sask. Canada in 1981.