As we are nearing the monsoon season, the one concern that is most dreaded by us is excessive hair fall. We have been told since our grandmothers’ times to regularly keep oiling our hair and eat our veggies in order to have luscious hair. Well, although they might be right at some points, with times changing, there have been advancements in ways to prevent hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, stress, and even certain hairstyles. If you want to stay ahead of your game, try these tips to prevent hair loss beforehand so that you don’t have to deal with the aftermath.

1. Use a Mild Shampoo/Cleanser

Powder cleansers for face and hair are not only a trend in the clean beauty industry, they are here to stay! Not only do they have the ability to effectively clean plus exfoliate (two-in-one) the scalp, but also make hair smoother, silkier and frizz-free. All that while making your hair stronger than ever, because when did natural alternatives do any harm? Try our bestseller The Tribe Concepts Organic Hair Cleanser, which lets all the essential nutrients intact making your hair stronger from the roots and grow thicker hair.

2. Take Vitamins and Supplements

Undoubtedly, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed through the food you intake. But sometimes, you need that extra dose of vitamins to compensate for the missed nutrients.

You can try the House of Beauty Hair Vitamins with Anagain, not just for hair growth, but also help build scalp health and muscle and follicle fiber.

3. Have a Nutrient-rich Diet

If you start noticing your hair falling off more than usual, it is time you start to monitor your diet. The average person loses between 50 and 100 strands each day. More than normal hair loss means you're not getting enough of certain important nutrients, including biotin, iron, protein, and zinc. Certain foods like eggs, carrots, oats, spinach, low fat dairy products, seeds filled with richness of Vitamin E, lentils, chickpeas, meat, etc, are a few options you can consider including in your diet.

4. Take Care of your Hair & Scalp

Every now and then, make it a habit to give your hair that extra dose of hydration with the help of either a hair oil or a hair mask. Not only do they help in effectively cleansing your scalp, but also nourish and strengthen them from within. #VWRecommends

Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Oil, which is an Ayurvedic hair oil that helps in preventing hair loss and promotes thick as well as lustrous hair growth.

Flawsome Kinky Berries Moisturizing & Strengthening Hair Mask

It helps fight damage caused by free radicals and environmental stresses, improve hair strength and elasticity.

5. Avoid Brushing Hair in Wet State

Raise your hand if you are guilty of brushing your hair immediately after washing your hair.Hair fall in men is more common due to a number of factors. Hormones, environmental pollution, but the reason which can harm their hair the most is; most men do not let their hair air dry and comb their hair right away after washing them in their wet condition. It should be avoided at all costs, but if it is necessary, one should do it with a wide tooth comb. If you need one, #VWRecommends Qurez De-tangling Neem Wood Comb.

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