Toenail fungus is an embarrassing condition that is also surprisingly common. Recurrence is also rather prevalent. Hence, there’s definitely no shame in getting treatment. Aside from oral prescriptions and over-the-counter medication, both of which could cause adverse effects, there are actually toenail fungus home remedies you can try in the comfort of your own home.

1.Topical Solutions

Topical solutions are, by far, the safest and most effective toenail fungus home remedy – and the easiest to use. They usually come in small bottles that include a topical brush for easy application. Despite its usual packaging and certain active ingredients (such as Undecylenic Acid – don’t worry, it’s antifungal properties are FDA-recognized!), an effective and affordable topical solution should contain a potent combination of all-natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil. This powerful, all-natural formulation is specially designed to penetrate every area of the nail in which the fungus resides, and eliminating it completely.

You can purchase topical solutions online, and they should come with instructions in the box or on the product label, informing you how often you should use the product for optimal efficacy, so make sure to read them carefully and thoroughly. Most directions would initially advise you to cut and file the infected nail, getting as close as possible to infection. This also helps the solution penetrate the nail bed much easier. Thoroughly wash the infected area, and then dry completely. Finally, apply the treatment to the entire infected nail, and allow the treatment to dry.

2.Common Household Products


This form of diluted acetic acid can easily be found in most households, and, while typically used for cooking and cleaning, a 2010 study found that the antifungal activity of vinegar is more powerful than other food preservatives. It was found to slow down the growth of some types of fungus, making it a safe toenail fungus home remedy to try. To use, simply soak your feet in vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes daily until the infection subsides.

b.Baking Soda

Laboratory studies show that baking soda, otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate, is effective against many fungal species that are commonly involved in toenail fungus. This makes baking soda an affordable and easily accessible toenail fungus home remedy.

There are multiple ways to make use of this product. The easiest way to use baking soda is to put some of the product inside socks and shoes so that it can soak up the moisture. You can also make a paste out of the water and baking soda, and spread it onto the affected nails, letting it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing completely. Finally, you can add baking soda to a warm bucket of water for a foot soak. Repeat this several times a day until the fungus clears.

3.Essential Oils

Many essential oils have antifungal and antibacterial properties. However, there are some that are more effective than others. Some widely popular essential oils that effectively act as a natural toenail fungus home remedy include:

tea tree essential oil
cinnamon essential oil
peppermint essential oil
clove essential oil
thyme essential oil
oregano essential oil
lavender essential oil
Manuka essential oil
lemon essential oil
lemongrass essential oil
orange essential oil

Remember: essential oils need to be diluted in a carrier oil before being applied directly onto the skin. Make sure to do a small skin patch test before further application. Here are some carrier oils that you can use to dilute your chosen essential oil:

almond oil
apricot kernel oil
Argan oil
avocado oil
blackseed oil
castor oil
coconut oil
evening primrose oil
flaxseed oil
grapeseed oil
hemp seed oil
jojoba oil
moringa oil
neem oil
olive oil
peach kernel oil
rosehip oil

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