The best way to treat erectile dysfunction and low libido in men is by uplifting physical as well as mental health. There are numerous reasons which can account for causing these problems in men, some are directly related to the problem and some may not, the best treatment covers all the aspects of the problem and provide a holistic treatment to cure erectile dysfunction and low libido in men without any side effects. In fact erectile dysfunction and low libido are closely related to each other, it is notable that one can lead to another. Lack of desire or interest in lovemaking can cause lack of erection and lack of erection can make a man loose his interest in lovemaking, sometimes one problem occurs first to cause another and after some duration engulfs a man in a vicious circle.

Use of herbs and supportive diet is perfect treatment to cure the physical reasons causing erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. Shilajit is magical herb which is extremely good at removing deficiencies and weaknesses causing this problem. Use of this herb improves blood flow to all parts of the body and supplements the body with vital nutrients and minerals which strengthen internal organs and systems to reinstate upbeat physical health. It also improves secretion and production of vital hormones like testosterone which is extremely good for curing erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. Gingko Biloba is another herb which provides best treatment to cure erectile dysfunction and low libido in men, its properties to increase blood flow in the body and in reproductive system cures the problems related to erection in males and also boosts up desire and interest in lovemaking activity.

Epimedium or popularly known as Horny Goat Weed is famous for treating various sexual disorders in males and its use provides natural way to cure erectile dysfunction and low libido too. Ginseng has been used since ancient times for removing weaknesses and elevating physical health and promoting normal functioning of all the organs of the body, this herb is also very beneficial for curing problems related to interest in lovemaking or lack of erection. Increased intake of onion, garlic, ginger either as spice or as supplement, increased consumption of soybean products, dairy products, peanuts, fortified cereals, oysters, almond and red meat is very beneficial. Consuming sufficient quantity of water in the day along with fruit juices and fresh vegetables in the diet increase the effects of herbs and cure the problem of erectile dysfunction and low libido in men in best possible way.

Exercising regularly keeps digestive system clean and also mentally fresh, massages with herbal oils improve nerve functioning and enhance health of tissues by supplying blood in ample quantity and meditation and breathing exercises can help in increasing mental clarity, curing cardio-vascular ailments and curing mental dullness, all of these help in curing the problem. Maintaining proper communication with the partner is an important part of the treatment as her support and advice can help immensely. Use of herbs, proper diet and healthy lifestyle provides natural way to cure erectile dysfunction and low libido in a short duration.

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