Natural Way To Enlarge Male Organ: What To Do To Get A Bigger Dick

How to get thicker penis you ask? Perhaps this question has plagued so many men and it has plagued you. Getting a thicker and longer penis is really something that is easy to do, that is if you know what to do and what equipment to use if any. And men will surely be able to lengthen their penis once they learn the simple methods on how to do it.

So how do you do it? It's really very easy, but before we go on to the methods, let us first get to know something about the penis.

The Penis

The average length of the penis is about 5.5 to 6.5 inches for many men. Although it will also be normal for a guy to have only 4 inches of penis shaft.

Girth also varies with many men and its size is generally not averaged but women seem to get more satisfaction with me who has thicker penises rather than longer ones.

When erect the corpus cavernosa of the penis is filled with blood, this is how the erection is sustained. So the more blood in the corpus cavernosa the harder the erection is.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Size Matters!

Many will say that size doesn't matter, its how you use it! It may be true in some instance but mostly the truth is that size does matter. Especially the girth, women can tolerate shorter penises but it has to be a thick one and this is where women really get their satisfaction.

So How do I get A Thicker Penis

The best solution to that dilemma will be the penis traction device. The penis tractions device works on the principles of traction, a medically approved principle and thus the device is medically approved as well.

How Does it Work?

The device causes a constant traction force over the penis. As time goes by, cellular growth will fill the area stretched by the traction and when that area is reconstructed with new cells the stretch becomes the new length and that new length is a permanent change. The only downfall to this solution is that it does take time to show any visible results. But if you want a permanent enhancement to your penis size then you have to learn to be patient.

So how to get a thicker penis is finally within your reach. You should seek the help of your doctor at once and you'll see your penis getting bigger and thicker at the soonest possible time.

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The penis enlargement exercises called kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises basically involve contracting the PC muscles repetitively. If you have tried stopping your urination mid-stream at any point before, then you have already put your PC muscles at play. Kegel exercises basically involve flexing those muscles and contracting them for around 10 seconds.

Originally, women who wanted to control incontinence or improve their sexual responses while having sex used these particular exercises. Today, however, men have joined the bandwagon and now use penis enlargement exercises to control premature ejaculation amongst other things.

Since these penis enlargement exercises can build up the PC muscles with time, they can actually help men take better control of their bladder, their sexual arousal and their ejaculation, as well as improve prostate health. They can also make a man's erection and ejaculation much stronger overall.

A lot of websites and magazines that focus on penis enlargement swear by kegel exercises because of how easy they are and how effective they are at controlling a man's ejaculation. This is one of the reasons why so many men are able to master this particular exercise after just a few tries. This is also why kegel exercises have become so widespread in the world of sex altogether.

Naturally, it has to be said that these penis enlargement exercises should not be overused, though. As tempting as it might be to keep doing these exercises with hopes of getting a bigger penis much faster, you could end up doing more damage to your penis than good if you aren't careful.

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While kegel exercises can definitely improve a man's sexual endurance, using them in excess can be extremely harmful. After all, contracting the prostate muscle will trigger the sympathetic nerve in the prostate to bring about ejaculation.

Although men usually contract their PC muscles to help with wear erections, doing these penis enlargement exercises in the long term will create more oxytocin receptors, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. These things will all trap hormones into the penis and make men achieve faster orgasms. While it would be alright for women to achieve faster and easier orgasms, that isn't necessarily the case for men. In fact, this could easily result in the downfall of a man's sex drive altogether. Think about it.

A lot of men have safely practiced kegels for years, though. You just have to make sure that you don't practice them carelessly. While kegel exercises can definitely feel good as you do them, you also need to understand that they can be harmful if you don't watch yourself.

A lot of magazines and websites claim that doing intense kegel exercises while the PC muscles are tired, such as straight after ejaculation, can significantly tone and strengthen your PC muscles. So, if you tend to hold back your ejaculation with the kegel method while having sexual intercourse, you are actually doubling your exercises - something that could be detrimental to your manhood in the long run. Even just doing short exercises after having sex would not be recommended at this point because this could be abusive to your penile health.

Believe it or not, there are some men out there who have damaged their manhood with penis enlargement exercises because they had no idea how to do them properly. They also had trouble overcoming sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, due to a lack of knowledge. So, if you want to power up your own manhood and maintain a healthy and normal ejaculation, make sure you do your exercises right and get some help through natural herbs that can replenish your drained sexual system at the same time.

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PC muscle exercises will not just strengthen them, but can also help both men and women treat fecal and urinary incontinence. Men can also use these exercises as penis enlargement exercises and to avoid premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction at the same time. Here are some basic penis enlargement exercises for the PC muscles that can help you come up with a great workout regimen, with which you can reap the utmost benefits in the long run, regardless of what experience level you might be on at the moment.

If you are a beginner in the world of penis enlargement exercises, then the first thing that you have to do is find your PC muscles to begin with. Generally speaking, the PC muscles forms the bottom of your pelvic cavity and is shaped like a hammock, stretching from your pubic bone to the end of your spine. If you pretend to urinate and then stop the flow of your urination with a sudden muscle contraction, that is where your PC muscles come into play. For the best results, try your best to concentrate on those muscles alone while keeping your thigh and stomach muscles relaxed as you do this.

Once you have located the necessary muscles, flex them 20 mines and hold each flex for around 2 seconds a time before releasing the contraction. Do this for 3 times every day thrice a week. Make sure you always breathe normally while doing these penis enlargement exercises, as well, as opposed to holding your breath as you do them.

Once you have gotten used to doing this exercises, you can start adding 10 more contractions per set with time and hold each contraction as tightly as possible for up to 5 seconds. If possible, release the muscles gradually over 5 seconds each time, too.

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If you need some help doing these penis enlargement exercises, then ask your partner to help you out. Doing these exercises during sexual intercourse is actually very productive. Plus, it is downright fun. To start, just give yourself an erection and then enter your partner. Once inside, take turns doing your PC muscle contractions. The only important thing to keep in mind here is to stay in the zone. Also, make sure you are both keen on doing these exercises before you start.

Naturally, you can also do this exercise alone, though. Just give yourself an erection and then gradually massage your manhood until you are close to ejaculation. Before you do, though, stop touching your penis right away and contract your PC muscles instead. Once you lose your erection, massage your manhood again until you are close to ejaculation and then contract your PC muscles again before reaching your peak. Keep doing this until you feel like you have worked out your PC muscles enough.

Now, if you ejaculate by accident while doing this exercise, then that simply means that your PC muscles aren't strong enough for it yet. In this case, it would be best to try and master some beginner's exercises before trying this one out.

The last one of the penis enlargement exercises for PC muscles that you can try out is a bit harder because you will need to clench your muscles at different strength levels. To warm up, do 50 PC clenches first. Then, tightly squeeze your PC muscles and hold the squeeze for half a minute. Then, do 100 clenches without any rests in-between, with each clench lasting for 2 seconds and each interval between each clench lasting for another 2 seconds. Lastly, do 50 clenches that last for 5 seconds each until you finish - and that's the workout!

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The penis is one of the most important and vital organs on a man's body. So it comes as no surprise that most men are concerned over both its appearance as well as health. All across the world, men seek ways to enhance their manhood in a bid to make themselves bigger down there and become more sexually potent and attractive.

And they can easily spend hundreds - even thousands of dollars on various penile enlargement products.

Which is quite a shame, really. Why? Because there is a less costlier method to go about adding size to your manhood.


Since ancient times, men have actually depended on just their own pair of hands to exercise their male organ in order to naturally stimulate its growth. In fact, till today, this technique is still being practised by men in some countries, and to great effect too!

Even medical researchers, after doing several studies on the effects of exercising the penis, agree that doing so can realistically cause the male organ to physically enlarge.

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Here is what they actually found out about this ancient male enhancement method:

The exercise routines, which generally involves some simple stretches and massages on your penis, does a great job to increase the amount of blood which enters your male organ's main blood channels. This rush of blood to the blood channels (or called the Corpora Cavernosa) gradually expands the latter in order to allow more blood to store within them.

As you continue to regularly perform the simple exercises, the Corpora Cavernosa keeps increasing in its capacity. And with more blood inside them, the tissues which surround the blood channels get expanded even more than before. Over time, this results in an extra few inches to your penis - both length and thickness!

To beginners, it may sound weird having to perform exercises on your little buddy down there. But don't worry, the exercise routines are extremely easy to do. And by doing it properly, there is no reason for you to worry about causing any harm to your sensitive organ.

One such routine amongst the several stretching and massaging techniques only requires you to "milk" your penis body for several repetitions. You start by lubricating your semi-erected male organ, and then with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, grip the base of your shaft. Then all you have to do is stroke your penis body with firm pressure several times, resting your manhood in between repetitions.

By following a proper set of daily exercise routines, you can be confident of seeing your penis gradually grow bigger in size over the next few weeks - and remain that way for a good period of your life!

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