Natural Way To Grow Your Manhood: How To Get A Larger Penis

As you probably know by now there are countless ways in which you can lengthen you penis, each having their own pros and cons and each being effective or ineffective in the own way. So how to lengthen your penis easily from your own home is now easily within your reach, you just need to know the right information to access.

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You can indeed lengthen your penis, it has been proven time and again. Many men have proven the efficacy of many methods. So you do need to be consistent and religious about it though.

The principles of penis lengthening lies in the corpus cavernosa, this is the place in the penis that fills with blood when the penis is aroused. The trick is to get the corpus cavernosa to stretch and be filled with more blood when you are aroused.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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The best way to do this is by stretching exercises and exercises that increases the capacity the corpus cavernosa to carry more blood. These exercises are easily done in the home, in the privacy of your bathroom, usually all you need is your hands and perhaps some form of lubricant to minimize friction from your hands and penis.

The jelq and penis exercise usually just involves a variety of ways you stretch and exercise the penis so that it can be stretched and allowed for tissue reparation to take place. Penis stretching allows you to stretch the penis while in flaccid stage. While, the Jelq is actually 'milking' the penis while in a semi-erect stage. While the PC flex works just like the Kegels Exercise in pregnant women, exercising the PC muscle allows for men to be able to take control of his erection and his ejaculation as well. But you do need to understand that in order for these exercises to have any effect on the length of the penis, you do need to follow it through and be consistent in doing the exercises at least 3-5 times a week. You shouldn't miss one session or else you risk of it not working at all.

So if really want to know how to lengthen your penis, you should do your due diligence and find out which one works for you the best. Usually the combination of all the exercises will prove to be the most successful choice of all. Lastly always think positive and be motivated in what you doing, with this mind set your will surely achieve feats!

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There are a number of free penis enlargement exercises out there that can give you a bigger penis. In this article, however, we will only discuss the best ones of these free penis enlargement exercises, so that you can get the most gains without spending a nickel.

Before we start, it would be vital to remember that you shouldn't do any of these free penis enlargement exercises daily. Your penis needs to rest every once in a while, so doing these free penis enlargement exercises on a daily basis will only do you harm instead of good and ultimately ruin your chances of getting the gains that you want. So, no matter how keen you might be at doing these exercises, it would be highly advisable to start slow and set a proper timetable for when to do them instead. Then, just stick to that timetable as much as possible.

The first exercise that you can do to get a bigger penis is known as the PC flex. This highly effective exercise will exercise your PC muscles and help you get stronger erections in the long run. In case you didn't know yet, the PC muscles are the muscles that are in control of the flow of your urination. The goal here would basically be to strengthen those muscles while feeling your anus muscle work at the same time in order to send more blood into the penis and make it thicker in the end.

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The great thing about this exercise is that you can do this particular exercise anywhere at any time. It would be best to only do these exercises for 5 minutes to start, though, and then increase that time to half an hour as time goes by. This would be the perfect exercise for beginners who need to send more blood into the penis to begin with.

The next exercise involves gripping your penis with an OK symbol with your thumb and index finger and then stretching it out in front for about 15 seconds. After doing that, massage your manhood gently and then stretch it for another 15 seconds. Do this up, down, right, left and straight and massage your manhood between every repetition. If you are having trouble keeping your grip intact, try using some tissue to help you out. Also, make sure you don't stretch your penis too much; otherwise, you could experience unwanted pain in the process.

Jelq exercises are the free penis enlargement exercises that will require some kind of lubrication in order to work. If you have some baby oil at home, though, that would work just fine. To do this exercise, get a semi-erection and then use an OK grip to grip the base of your penis once again. Then, glide your grip until you reach the tip. Your goal here should be to send as much blood as possible into the tip of your penis. Once there, swap hands and do around 25 of these free penis enlargement exercises for a week. Once you have gotten used to that, add another 25 every week until you do 200 jelqs a day. Make sure you always massage your penis gently after every repetition.

Before doing any of these exercises, make it a point to warm up your penis first. Make it a point to warm it down after each exercise, as well. To do this, just use a warm towel and wrap it around your manhood for 3 minutes each time. Naturally, it goes without saying that you will need to do these exercises persistently and consistently if you want to get a bigger penis in the end, as well.

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The best way to grow your penis naturally is fortunately also the cheapest way to do so. All you have to do is follow natural penis enlargement exercises that are done manually and exercise the most important muscles in your penis to get the job done. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of natural penis enlargement exercises out there that can effectively increase your penile girth and length, as well as help you get over premature ejaculation. These natural penis enlargement exercises are called jelqing and kegels, which we will touch upon in this article.

Before we start, though, here are some great supplements that you can take as you do these natural penis enlargement exercises. These supplements would be very helpful if you want to speed up the process of penis enlargement altogether. L-Arginine is an amino acid substrate in the form of nitric oxide that can be very helpful in helping the penis grow naturally, in general.

Potassium aminobenzoate, on the other hand, is a part of the vitamin B complex that can increase monoamine oxidase activity and help with fibrogenesis. Lastly, there is Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that can reverse and stabilize various pathologic changes within the tunica albuginea to help with the penis enlargement process.

Now, let's get on to the natural penis enlargement exercises. The first exercise, jelqing, involves applying force onto the shaft of the penis while it is semi-erect. You basically begin at the base and slowly move your fingers up to the glans. While pressure is important here in order to send more blood into the penis and form connective tissue within its chambers at the same time, this exercise should never hurt.

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Each jelq should only take around 3 seconds to do and your penis should only be 50% erect while you do them. Once you get used to jelqing, you can do this exercise up to 20 minutes a day, though. If you want, you can also use lubrication during this exercise, but that isn't exactly a requirement. The best thing about this particular exercise is that the results that you get out of it are permanent. With it, you can experience a 0.5 cm increase in girth and a 1.5 cm increase in length after half a year of regular exercising.

The second exercise, kegels, is mainly known to bring about natural penis enlargement, but it also has other positive effects. A lot of clinical studies have shown that kegels are great at improving erectile function, for example. They can also increase the circulation of blood in the penis, help men take better control of urination and ejaculation, and strengthen sexual arousal at the same time.

Before doing these exercises, though, it would be best to learn more about the PC muscles first, which are the muscles that take control of the flow of urination. Kegels basically involve tightening and releasing these muscles in order to get the gains that you want. To start off slow, just tighten and then hold your PC muscles for around 5 seconds. To do them quicker, just tighten and then relax your PC muscles as quickly as possible. Either way, these exercises will do you a lot of good and you can come up with great exercise routines that last up to 10 minutes per day with them.

If you are having trouble doing these natural penis enlargement exercises because you can't find your PC muscles, just go to the toilet to urinate and then stop the flow of your urination before you actually finish. The clenching that you do to the stop the flow will show you the muscles that you need to use for the aforementioned exercises.

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One of the biggest myth about the male body is that the penis can no longer grow in size once a man reaches adulthood. Contrary to that notion, male organ enhancement IS possible. Furthermore, it does not take any kind of artificial intervention to make it happen - you can perfectly grow your penis bigger just by exercising it with your hands!

Yes, there is always the way of having your male organ surgically enhanced into a bigger size. But that often costs a whole lot of money and, worse yet, it can be an excruciatingly painful experience.

Thankfully there are several other less "torturous" ways available for you to achieve the same kind of results as having your penis surgically enlarged. Better still, all of these alternative methods can be done by yourself in total privacy.

One of the methods which is fast growing on men who want to see their manhood increase in size naturally is by way of doing exercises on it.

While it may seem weird to actually perform exercises on your penis, this ancient technique has been tried and tested for centuries - and brought real results too!

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Even medical researchers have put penis exercising as one viable method of male enhancement. And this is after conducting various tests to ascertain this belief. Now even doctors are using this knowledge to advise their patients who seek help for their lack of size down there...

So how does it work, and how do you actually perform exercises on your male organ?

The basis of penis enlargement exercise is simple, really. The various exercise routines involved cause the two main blood channels within your organ to gradually enlarge to allow more blood to enter and store within them. When this happens, your erectile tissues which surround these channels get to expand even further, creating that additional physical size to your penis!

And all that you are required to do to achieve the above are just some simple stretching and massaging actions on your manhood. These generally do not take longer than 20-30 minutes to do each day, so it should be convenient enough for you, even if you lead a rather hectic lifestyle.

One of the easier routines involves simply stretching your male organ outwards in various directions, and holding the stretch for a period each time. You begin by making sure your penis is in a flaccid state, then using your fingers, pull your penis from its head as far as you can comfortably go and stretch it for 15 seconds.

It's that easy!

By practising all the recommended penis exercises on a regular basis, you should see a significant difference in your size down there in just about 4 or 6 weeks time.

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