Natural Ways To Enlarge Your Manhood: Permanent Penis Enlargement

Most men will not admit it but they are completely interested in penis enlargement. There are various ways one can enlarge the penis naturally and without undergoing painful and expensive surgeries. Natural penis enlargement methods are becoming more and more popular as they have been proven to be very effective in enlarging the penis aside from being cost effective as well. Here are some tips for penis enlargement that you can start with.

* Use a penis enlargement method that has been known to work for others. You should research carefully for these methods and employ them with extreme care. If you are going to employ exercises, make sure you know the proper procedure on how to do the exercise you have chosen. If you will go with products like pills, patches and the likes, make sure you buy from a reputable and trustworthy source.

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* When doing exercises use plenty of lubrication. This will minimize the friction between your penis shaft and your hands and this in turn will minimize soreness of the penis after exercise.

* Don't forget to do warm ups and cool downs. Penis is similar to any other muscle, so you need to take care of it. When you exercise your body you need to do warm ups and cool downs, your penis is no different.

* Try not to be over eager. Start your exercise routine slowly and don't over do it. Gently ease into your exercise and build up stamina and endurance for your penis. Try doing the exercise for a set number of repetitions for a week or two before increasing repetitions. After you are used to this number of reps, you can increase it again if you like.

* Be Patient and always keep your motivation. It is a very important factor in doing penis enlargement exercises. This is because results are not evident quickly. You do need to work on it for a couple of weeks before any significant results will be seen. And you also should be consistent and vigilant with doing the exercises. Everyday is very important so try not to miss a day once your program starts. Motivation can be a problem when the results are not yet evident but once you have seen the results, you will find that you will be even more persistent to continue.

Now you are armed with some tips for penis enlargement. You should begin your quest for a bigger, longer and thicker penis at once and reach your goals at the soonest possible time.

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Jelqing is considered to be the easiest and most effective of the known penis enlargement exercises out there to date. In fact, it has become the go-to exercise for a lot of men who want to improve the size of their manhood.

If you are interested in looking into penis enlargement exercises yourself, then you can turn to jelqing and get great results in the end. Of course, jelqing is only one of the many penis enlargement exercises that you can look into, but it is definitely the easiest one and is therefore also considered to be the most valuable one overall.

To make the most out of your penis enlargement exercises, this article will give you recommendations on how to combine your exercises for the best results at a very minimal, if not non-existing, cost. Read on.

Of course, the very first thing that you have to learn when it comes down to this would be the technique that you need to use for these penis enlargement exercises to make them effective. Fortunately, this exercise is very easy to do. If you are familiar with the OK sign, then you are practically good to go.

If you aren't familiar with it, simply take your thumb and your index finger and then touch them together while keeping the rest of your fingers outward. This is the basic sign that you will need to use while jelqing.

Once you have this sign in hand, you will then have do very specific motions. Basically, you will have to wrap the OK sign around your penile base and then stroke your penis with the OK sign. The only other things you will need to consider while doing this is your stroke's intensity. Keep in mind not to be too intense when it comes to this, though, as too much intensity could bring about negative results.

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The easiest way to work with jelqing is to see it as a motion similar to milking a cow. If you put too much pressure, it will hurt. If you don't put enough pressure, you won't get the results that you want while you're doing it. This makes perfect sense, right?

Ideally, you should use just the right amount of pressure while jelqing - just enough pressure to feel the stretching tension build as you stroke your shaft with each repetition. Don't worry. While very specific, this technique is actually very easy to master. This is why so many men swear by jelging as their main penis enlargement workout.

Once you know exactly how jelqing works, you should try and do 40 jelqs with each session. Then, increase that amount the bigger your penis gets and the more it adapts to the exercise overall.

To start, go through a penis warm up to condition your penis for jelqing. One easy warm up would be to slap your manhood between your thighs. Another easy warm up would be to drape a soft washcloth over your manhood. The choice is yours.

After that, feel free to grab your manhood with the OK sign and gently squeeze it without involving any of your other fingers. Then, slowly slide that OK sign up your penile shaft and release it just behind the tip. Use your other hand to do the same thing and to complete a set. If you are a beginner, doing 2 sets of 15 every day should be enough to start.

After doing this exercise, you can then clean yourself up and go about your day as usual. Believe it or not, doing these penis enlargement exercises for half an hour everyday can already significantly increase your penile size with time!

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If you are a newbie to the world of penis enlargement exercises, then this article is perfect for you. Here, you can learn about dry jelqing and wet jelqing and how you can build the perfect routine with this core technique.

Out of all of the penis enlargement exercises out there, jelqing is the most popular one for men who want to increase their penile girth. This technique has similar motions to masturbation, so if you have ever masturbated before - which you undoubtedly have if you are like any other regular man out there - then jelqing should come as second nature to you.

While there are a lot of jelqing variations out there, they all usually use the same core technique. If you are a beginner, though, then here is the perfect guide on how to come up with the perfect routine of penis enlargement exercises that you can follow without taking up more than 10 minutes of your day.

How does jelqing work, though? Well, first and foremost, you should know that the overall effectiveness of these penis enlargement exercises mostly lies on the man who does them. So, if you do not see any positive results in the long run, you really won't have anyone to blame but yourself.

To start, let us take a look at dry jelqing. Before dry jelqing, you will have to warm your penis up if you want to make the most of your efforts. Warming up your manhood will help send as much blood as possible into your penis. It would be important to do this warm up without getting a proper erection, though. An easy way to do this would be by lightly slapping your manhood back and forth between your thighs.

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After that, wrap your thumb and index finger around your penile shaft while forming an OK sign. This will be the default hand sign that your hands will use throughout these penis enlargement exercises. After that, lightly squeeze your grip and start milking your shaft up to behind the tip. Pause for a while and then continue doing the whole motion over the glans. This will count as one repetition. Do the same thing with your other hand and do two jelqs to complete one set.

Most beginners start a regular routine of 20 to 40 sets, depending on how their manhood reacts to the exercise. Either way, make sure you keep clean and try to use some lotion if you don't have any penile problems that you need to worry about. This should make the exercise easier for you overall.

Wet jelqing, on the other hand, involves proper skin lubricant, like baby oil. Wet jelqing is most often used by more experienced practitioners, though, since an erection will be needed all throughout the practice.

To do this exercise, warm up your penis in the same way that you would warm it up for warm jelqing. Then, rub some lubricant onto your hands and stimulate your manhood until you get a semi-erection. Then, do the same steps as mentioned above for dry jelqing. Keep in mind that your manhood will be much more vulnerable in this case because of the erection, though. So, if you feel any pain while doing these penis enlargement exercises, make sure you ease up on the pressure or apply more lubricant into your hands.

Generally speaking, wet jelqing is the better option when it comes to expanding penile girth faster. Since it is done with an erection, it has already expanded your penis more than usual. As such, doing this exercise on a regular basis will bring about better results, as well.

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Wishing you could add some size to your prized manhood? Take heart, because growing your penis bigger in size is absolutely possible no matter what age you may be. And unlike what you may have heard, you do not have to rely on getting your male organ surgically enhanced to end up bigger down there - there are far less painful and much easier ways to realize your wish for a more pronounced penis size!

In all truth, there are plenty of ways which you can turn to in order to realistically become bigger. Some methods though, for instance using a penis enlarging pump, only gives you a temporary boost in size and can also cause more harm than good.

So what are the better ways to get a bigger penis then?

#1 Taking Enhancement Pills

There is a huge variety of male enhancement pills available in the market as we speak today. What I like about these supplement pills is that most of them are made of natural ingredients - in other words, there is less risk of facing any unwanted side effects as a result of consuming them. The ingredients which make up these pills are usually herbs which contain the right properties within them to aid in the growth of your male organ.

Just be careful when shopping around for the right enhancement supplement for yourself. Most, if not all, of these products are not FDA-certified. So do a proper study and avoid those brands which are badly reviewed by other consumers.

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#2 Using Special Extension Tools

Instead of using enlargement pumps, it is a much safer bet for you to use a penile extender tool. Unlike pumps, extender tools are generally safe to use and give you a more permanent increase in size. Even medical experts vouch for the use of these devices as a genuine way to make your penis grow bigger.

The only downside to these fancy device is it carries quite an exorbitant price tag. Unless you do not mind spending up to $500 on these tools, I suggest you look at other more cost-effective ways that are available out there.

#3 Doing Stretching Exercises To Your Penis

And one of the cheapest yet highly effective means of increasing your penis size is, get this, simply to exercise your penis. Just as how you would do exercises to build up your body mass, exercising your male organ gradually causes it to grow in size and remain bigger for good.

You don't need special devices or medication to make it work - all you need are your pair of God-gifted hands, and you are set to start gaining size down there... which is why I highly recommend it!

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