When you are having vitamins in ample amount and living in a healthy lifestyle then your hair will fall less and also will be in great health. It is true reason behind balding is genetic but if you are having healthy nutritious diet then you can get away from the same in some manner. Some healthy hair products like masks for hair, shampoos and conditioners will also helpful to restore its health.

Proteins for Hair Growth- Our hair are made up of protein and the deficiency in protein gives way to hair loss. You can make protein the strong part of your diet. To get ample amount of protein in diet, you can have animal meat and dairy items too. Whey proteins are also good.

Vitamin C for Hair Growth- Vitamin C is good for cold and cough but you will surprise to know that it is very important for the healthy hair too. All citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and so you can have oranges, kiwis, all types of berries and green peppers in your diet. You can have about 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg of vitamin C daily.

Water for Hair growth- Drinking 8 glasses of water in a day is good for body but it is true that it is good for hair health too. Hair shaft is comprised of one quarter water. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and also makes the hair healthy too.

Vitamin B for Hair Growth- Vitamin B and biotin is necessary items for hair growth. When we have ample amount of vitamin B3 then it regulates the blood circulation in the scalp and gives way to hair growth. Also, Vitamin B is a supplement that has the entire vitamin B.

Iron Supplements for Hair Growth- The mineral iron gives way to blood circulation in scalp. Also, it increases the hair growth. Liver, raisins and apricots are some of the foods rich in iron.

Lessen alcoholic drinks for Hair Growth- Drinking alcohol creates full stop in the way of hair growth. You must avoid and at least limit the intake of alcohol beverages as after that you will get surprising hair growth.

Hormones Influences Hair Growth- Hormones effects the hair production. It also decreases the age and slows down the hair growth. If the hormones increase in the body, it also gives way to increase in hair growth. Some of the natural foods have some hormones and wild yam is the best source of estrogen.

Vitamin E for Hair Growth- Vitamin E is essential for hair growth; it gives way toblood circulation in scalp. You can either have vitamin E in your diet or apply that as your hair mask.

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