Anyone interested in natural and organic remedies. This is a great approach to health, because once you start using synthetic materials, such as prescription drugs, you run the risk of side effects and other complications. Did you know that when the cholesterol drugs can actually cause a rare disease which causes kidney failure and death? Find natural ways to lower cholesterol levels, taking a step in the right direction.

Before continuing, you know about the different types of cholesterol, if you miss rest of the article. Bad cholesterol (or LDL - low-density lipoprotien) cholesterol from the liver and sends it to the cells. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We need cholesterol in order to protect and coat our cells. Cholesterol tell our cells what to do was not any big blobs hanging around. Good cholesterol (HDL - high density lipoprotein) takes extra cholesterol and removes it from the body. This is a good, high cholesterol people like you. Typically you would want to balance, however, because you have high cholesterol you are looking for natural ways to lower bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

Usually bad cholesterol is definitely a good thing. Without it you will not be able to send cholesterol to the cells that need it. Unfortunately, this is not the cells that are the problem. Your blood cholesterol to carry all of this gets clogged Broken Down known as plaque. I'm going to talk more about how to get rid of plaque, when I'm talking about natural ways to lower cholesterol.

There are three main strategies for all natural when it comes to reducing cholesterol.

Eating special foods
Exercise more
Cholesterol Supplement

When these 3 strategies along the way to have success. Preventing heart disease is very important when you have high cholesterol. Let's face facts, if you have a lot of cholesterol in your 30 - 40% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. It does not have to be. Now you have to change and using natural ways to lower cholesterol, is on the right track.

First Eating special foods

There are certain foods and nutrients that have been studied and shown to reduce cholesterol and has other advantages. For example, eat garlic, you can greatly reduce your cholesterol. Try to make a stir fry with chicken, brown rice, garlic cloves, onion, paprika and pepper. This is a delicious meal, and you will not even taste the garlic with the rest of the food challenge.

Add the red wine and dark berries to your diet. Drinking wine and eating dark berries are ingesting antioxidants. This is great for actually reducing arterial plaque and lowers bad cholesterol.

Eat vegetables and fruits that include something called sterols are a great natural way to lower cholesterol. This substance, found in foods such as broccoli, apples and other fruits and vegetables. When it enters your bloodstream, it acts as a normal cholesterol because cholesterol is pushing out of the way and sending it to be removed as an extra.

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