Balanoposthitis affects the tip of the penis (male external genitalia) causing irritation and inflammation. There occurs, inflammation of the glans penis (balanitis) and foreskin (posthitis).The glans (head) are the round tip of the penis. The foreskin (prepuce) is a fold of movable skin that covers the glans penis.

There is a religious custom prevailing around the globe known as ‘circumcision’. If you were a part of it, you will never get with Balanoposthitis. In circumcision, it is the foreskin of the penis is removed. So, in general Balanoposthitis only affects uncircumcised males.

Balanoposthitis is a completely treatable condition. Poor personal hygiene and very tight foreskin often paves the way for Balanoposthitis.

Often Balanoposthitis is confused with other similar conditions affecting the penis.

  • Phimosis – It is a condition where you find difficulty to retract your foreskin.
  • Balanitis – It is the mere inflammation of the glans penis.
  • Balanoposthitis – Inflammation of both glans penis and foreskin.

Phimosis can occur alongside with the other two conditions and can show the way for Balanitis and Balanoposthitis very easily.

A number of FACTORS account for Balanoposthitis. More than one cause is identified in every Balanoposthitis case. It can be caused either by infectious causes or by noninfectious causes.

Infections are the most common cause for Balanoposthitis. The major infections affecting the penis include

  • Penile yeast infections – most common cause for Balanoposthitis. They are caused by the candida type of fungus.
  • Chlamydia
  • Fungal infections
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes simplex virus
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Primary and secondary syphilis
  • Chancroid

Non infectious causes which can increase the risk for Balanoposthitis include

  • Chronic Balanitis (Balanitis xerotica obliterans)
  • Injuries and accident
  • Irritation caused by or scratching
  • Rubbing or use of latex condoms – Balanoposthitis will appear a few days after sexual intercourse
  • Irritation from exposure to chemicals
  • Exposure to chlorine in a swimming pool can cause penile irritation
  • Psoriasis
  • Reactive arthritis
  • Tight foreskin

SYMPTOMS of Balanoposthitis

The major SYMPTOMS of Balanoposthitis can be noted in the tip of the penis. It can make urination and sexual intercourse uncomfortable. The signs can vary from mild to severe forms. The common symptoms include

  • Pain and tenderness
  • Irritation
  • Discolored or shiny skin
  • Dry skin
  • Burning or itching
  • Thick and leathery skin (due to lichenification)
  • Tight foreskin (Phimosis)
  • Foul smell
  • Skin erosions or lesions

The Various Signs and Symptoms may vary as per conditions.

  • Balanoposthitis simplex – Redness, secretion and swelling can be seen in the penis head. Burning sensation, itching and discomfort during urination. The most causes of this variant of Balanoposthitis are chemical and mechanical irritation and also by bacterial infections.
  • Balanoposthitis erosive cicirnata – This variant shows irregular whitish, polycyclic red and grayish white changes.
  • Balanoposthitis candidomycetica – It is featured by the presence of whitish bubbles. As the candida fungus propagates, it causes itching, redness and burning sensation. This variant has often noticed in people with weakened immune system or with chronic diabetes.

If Balanoposthitis left untreated, it paves for Paraphimosis and even cancer.

Herbal Remedies for the Management of Balanoposthitis

  • Imbalance of pitta and kapha, among the tridosha accounts for Balanoposthitis. Treatment of Balanoposthitis often depends on the underlying cause and importance is given for balancing the vitiated pitta and kapha in the penis.
  • If the exact cause remains unknown, treatment to minimize discomfort during urination or sex is given prime importance.

Eminent Care Pack

Planet Ayurveda renders eminent care pack for Balanoposthitis, which can minimize the discomfort and other symptoms. These are guaranteed to be 100% natural and contain no added chemicals or preservatives.

  • Kaishora guggulu
  • Manjishta capsules
  • Neem capsules
  • Varunadi vati
  • Jatyadi oil
  • Nirgundi oil

Kaishora Guggul

It balances and normalizes the vitiated skin. It has anti inflammatory and immune modulator properties. Classic ingredients include

  • Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)
  • Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica)
  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)
  • Guggul (Commniphora mukul)
  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
  • Black pepper (Piper nigrum)
  • Long pepper (Piper longum)
  • Vidanga (Embelia ribes)
  • Red Physic nut, danti (Baliospermum montanum)
  • Indian jalap (Ipomoea turpethum)

All these drugs are excellent choices for balancing pitta. They promote skin health and instant healing. Also kaishora guggul helps to enhance the infection fighting ability of the body, by boosting up the immune system.

Dosage – 1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice a day after meals with lukewarm water

Manjishta Capsules

  • The standardized extract of manjishta (rubia cordifolia) is used for the manufacturing these capsules. Manjishta capsules are enriched with antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. These capabilities make manjishta capsules efficient enough to fight against Balanoposthitis.

Dosage – 1 capsule twice a day with lukewarm water after meals

Neem capsules

  • These capsules are prepared out of the standardized extract of neem (azadiracta indica). It improves the skin and hair health. It is very effective in almost all skin diseases including acne, eczema, psoriasis, microbial infections. It is also a potent anti inflammatory drug.

Dosage – 1 to 2 capsules twice a day after meals with lukewarm water.

Varunadi Vati

  • It is the classic remedy for balancing aggravating vata and pitta. Varunadi vati helps to reduce the symptoms of Balanoposthitis like burning sensation, itching and pain. This tablet preparation contains varuna, Punarnava, gokshura and purified guggulu, as the main ingredients.
  • Varuna balances tridoshas and it has anti toxic, antioxidant, antimicrobial and diuretic properties. It is a great pain reliever.
  • Punarnava is blessed with the best anti inflammatory properties. It also helps in reducing the pain and redness. Gokshura is an eminent aphrodisiac and is the best herbal remedy for uro – genital problems.

Dosage – 2 tablets twice daily with lukewarm water after meals

Jatyadi oil

    This oil is best for ulcer healing. Jatyadi oil balances the vitiated pitta in the skin. The ingredients of jatyadi oil are Leaves of neem, Leaves of patola, Darvi, Nisha, sariva, mulethi, abhaya etc.

Nirgundi oil

    Nirgundi oil has anti inflammatory property and balances the vitiated kapha dosha in the skin. It reduces the pain and swelling.The oil has the power to eradicate the irritation.

The ingredients of nirgundi oil include

  • Tila thaila (sesame oil)
  • Nirgundi (vitex negundo)
  • Turmeric (curcuma longa)
  • Manjishta (rubia cordifolia)
  • Langali (gloriosa superb)

Use of Jatyadi oil and Nirgundi Oil

  • Mix jatyadi oil and nirgundi oil in equal quantities. Apply and have gentle massage on the affected part.
  • Leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash in lukewarm water.

Daily Care in Balanoposthitis

  • Keep well your personal hygiene
  • Wash and dry well your penis
  • Avoid soaps and other potent irritants
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