Candida Overgrowth Spares No Gender or Age Group

Constantly struggling with candida overgrowth is a humiliating and frustrating experience for anyone who has to suffer through the uncomfortable symptoms of yeast infections. Unfortunately, every age group and gender is within the reach of this affliction since there are many types of candida infections- such as oral thrush, vaginitis, penile candidiasis or systemic yeast(to name a few). Realizing the commonplace nature of this ailment helps to get over the embarrassment and begin to openly seek much needed support. It was this eventual realization that led me to discover my candidiasis support group and free me from my lonely and arduous battle with candida overgrowth. It was a huge relief to discover that I did not have to undergo this quest for liberation by myself and it was also the catalyst that revealed my permanent and natural candida cure.

First of all, there is a common misconception that yeast infections are solely an issue for women but as a member of a candida support group I have come to see how candida overgrowth is an all-encompassing problem. Through my support network, I have met and befriended many others who also struggle with recurring yeast infections and, let me assure you, there is no group who is immune to the effects and symptoms of candida yeast infections. In other words, if you are a woman, man or even a child you are susceptible to the ill-effects of candida overgrowth within your body. With that said, there is a natural remedy that will not compromise your well-being. It will also enable you to permanently conquer yeast infections once and for all- but first my story.

Candida Yeast Medications Only Exacerbate the Problems

In the past, as with most people within my group, I solely relied on prescribed and OTC drugs to bring relief to my chronic yeast infections. Unfortunately, these anti-yeast drugs only proved to be a temporary solution and were not effective in providing a permanent remedy to my candidiasis. Not only that, all the pharmaceutical anti-fungal drugs were accompanied with their own side-effects. In other words, I was always forced to choose between one evil or another. I could either be poisoned by the canditoxin from the candida overgrowth or I could settle for a temporary fix and be subjected to the side-effects and pollutants of anti-yeast drugs. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no freedom in sight and I was always forced to compromise my well-being in one form or another.

My frequent visits to the doctor only worked to reinforce the lie that the only remedy to yeast infections was through prescribed and OTC anti-yeast drugs.As you know, the symptoms of yeast infections are very uncomfortable and frustrating so I continually had to settle for the only candida cure I knew- regardless of the temporary results that were provided. This method of treating my yeast infections only sealed my fate of an endless struggle with recurring candidiasis and the unpleasant candida yeast symptoms. I eventually grew "sick and tired" of blindly accepting the medical definition of a cure to chronic yeast infections- as well as all the side-effects from their prescribed remedies. Hence, started my support networks quest for finding natural remedies for yeast infections.

Quest to Find A Permanent Holistic Solution to Chronic Yeast Infections

As the months passed, we tested out different holistic candida treatments and remedies. Many of these homeopathic remedies brought forth similar results as the unnatural anti-yeast drugs but they, too, proved to be a temporary fix. Nonetheless, we were all ecstatic to be able to experience these results as it meant our freedom from needing to rely on drugs for a cure. It was true that we still struggled with recurring yeast infections because these natural remedies were short-lived like the anti-fungal prescriptions but now we had no need to treat candida albicans or any other type of candida overgrowth with unnatural methods that would further compromise our health with their harmful side effects. This victory spurred us on to further explore natural candida treatments. Our trials of the many different anti-yeast programs led us to the point of finally finding a permanent yeast infection cure which we all now enjoy today.

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