As a parent, you never expect your teen to tell you that they or their partner is pregnant. However, the unfortunate reality is that this happens frequently enough that it could happen to you. Fortunately, there are a number of abortion alternatives you can explain to your teen and guide them in the right direction.


Adoption is a wonderful alternative to abortion. Explore this option with your daughter or son. There are many couples who would love to adopt a child, sometimes because they simply cannot conceive on their own. These couples have plenty of love to give to a baby. They want nothing less that to take a baby into their home and love it as their own, and some of them may be willing to let the birth parents play a role in the baby's life at some point. Encourage your teen to contact an adoption agency for further guidance.

Pregnancy Counseling

Urge both teen parents to seek pregnancy counseling. Sometimes this can be provided at little to no cost. Chances are, both teens feel confused and overwhelmed, and they may have trouble communicating these emotions to their parents. Counseling will help them voice these concerns and work through them. It could also help mitigate any feelings of resentment the parents may have toward the baby after the birth. A counselor can help the young parents figure out financial and school issues and answer difficult questions they might have.

Be Supportive

Your teenager is probably feeling overwhelmed and emotional, and you probably are too. However, you need to be supportive of what they are going through. Don't show them any anger or disappointment. This could mean you may need to seek counseling as well, and that’s okay. Sit down with your child and try to get them to talk to you and express their feelings. Let them know that together, you’ll figure out the next steps.

Teach Your Teen Independence

Being a teen parent is one of the hardest things your child will ever have to do in his or her life. Instead of being angry and isolating them, teach them the skills they need to be independent and support a baby, if they choose to keep the baby. Even if you are willing to provide financial assistance, urge your child to get a job if they don't already have one. Come up with ways they can handle school as well as care for a baby. Consider attending parenting classes with your child so you can help them get experience before the baby is born.

Help Your Teen Build A Support Group

Your child needs all of the love and support they can get. Help them build a network of family and friends who can offer advice, help, or just listen to the fears and concerns that the parent-to-be has.


Teen pregnancy is difficult for everyone involved. Don't abandon your child when they announce a teen pregnancy. Although you may be angry and disappointed, you need to work through these feelings so you can be supportive. Assure your teen that there are abortion alternatives and that you’ll be there for them during this time. While this is a crisis few parents ever want to deal with, you can get through it.

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