Navratri is a divine celebration to offer our prayers and offerings to Navdurga; all the nine forms of Shakti. It is an unseen energy that keeps the human body moving and maintains the creation. Mother divine also is known as Adi Parashakti, who is beyond sustainability and creation. And, these nine days are dedicated to honoring the nine different forms and energies of Mother Divine as Nav Durga.


Goddess Durga’s first form is Shailaputri; daughter of Shaila or Mountain.


The second form of Shakti is Brahmacharini; the celibate, who has no end, no beginning.


The third form of the goddess represents the mind and its fighting over negative thoughts to positive.


The fourth form of Shakti is Kushmanda; it represents intelligence and cosmic energy.


It is the fifth form of the goddess, representing the mother of Skand (Karthikeya).


It is the sixth form of Goddess Shakti, which represents the most intricate and deep secrets of Divinity.


This is a terrifying and fierce form of mother divine in the entire creation, which represents knowledge and dispassion.


The eighth form of goddess divine is the most beautiful and serene form of Mother shakti.


The ninth form of the goddess is Siddhidatri, who grants wishes before desire arises to mind.

However, this festival is widely celebrated on Ashtami and Navmi (8th and 9th day of Navratri) by inviting the 9 kanjaks into the house to worship them as the 9 divine forms of Goddess Shakti.

Meanwhile, this year the celebration of Navratri is beginning on 17th October. Therefore, many devotees of Goddess Shakti are planning their festivity that what gifts they should offer to the Kanjaks as gifts, however, if you are unable to decide that what gift would be perfect for the Kanya Pujan, then here is the list of gifting options—

Sipper Water Bottle

Gifting after worshipping Kanjaks is a gesture of devotion and surrender of material things of this world. And, we know how it helps you live a peaceful life. For that, you can gift the little girls' Sipper Water Bottle; it can be very useful for them. They can carry the sipper bottle to their schools storing water or juices.

Notebook Water Bottle

Here is another gifting option for your Ashtami and Navmi Kanya Pujan. Notebook Water Bottle, this beautiful bottle can be a wonderful gift for the girls, which they can use anywhere—school, tuition, picnic, etc.

Printed Mug

If you want to surprise them with a unique and useful gift, then a ceramic printed mug will be the best option for you. You can ask for beautiful, funky, and cartoon prints on the mugs to gift and when they unwrap your gift will go surprised with the uniqueness of your gifting choice. The Kanjaks can use it for drinking milk, juices, and other beverages happily.

Girls t-shirt

You can even offer the Kanjaks printed t-shirt as a gift. They will surely love the colorful Girls t-shirt. And, will happily wear it.

However, you can also give them stationery items such as pens, pencils, notebooks, lunch boxes, color pens, toys, jewelry items, etc.

So, think beyond and give the little goddess useful things as offerings this Navratri.

A little note to make your life beautiful, memorable, and beyond worldly happiness with our kind and progressing gesture.

Pray Goddess Shakti by enchanting these mantras and get showered with the goddess blessing.

Om Devi Shailputri Namah
Om Devi Brahmacharinai Namah
Om Devi Chandraghantai Namah
Om Devi Kushmandai Namah
Om Devi Skandamataye Namah
Om Devi Katyayanai Namah
Om Devi Kalratrayai Namah
Om Devi Mahagaurya Namah
Om Devi Siddhidatrayai Namah

Happy Navratri to You!!
May this Navratri bring all the happiness, joy, and fortune. And, your health remains healthy and lively. Be happy. Stay healthy.

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