If you wear glasses, you’re not alone. Over 60% of the world’s population wears glasses, giving us the clear eyesight we need to tackle the world.
Unfortunately, if you don’t love your glasses, it can impact your self-esteem and happiness.
With so many varied looks, how do you find the frame that is just made for you? Read on to lean our top tips on how to pick glasses, helping you find a look that suits your lifestyle, personality, individual style, and face shape.

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It can be overwhelming when choosing the best glasses, with so many frame styles, looks, and colors to try.
To get you started, a few popular, but timeless, styles include tortoiseshell frames, rimless glasses, square or rectangle frames, vintage cat-eye looks, or the wayfarer style.Clear, rimless glasses are popular for a minimalist look, if you don’t want your glasses to draw attention, or black, silver, or tortoise frames are popular color options.
Want something bolder? Try on a red or navy blue frame, or look for glasses with interchangeable frames, so you can mix up your look daily.A top tip— if you try, try several styles on in real life. Just because you like the look on a model online doesn’t mean you’ll like the look on yourself.
If you’re ordering online, most stores let you order several frames, for this reason. The store will usually cover the return shipping cost.For those wanting an extra bit of flair and elegance, designer eyeglasses are a top way to express your personality and style.
Consider Your Face Shape
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Most of us tend to have round, oval, square, or heart-shaped faces. Take note of both your face shape, but also your features. Are they gently rounded or more angular?
An easy rule of thumb is to look for frames that are the opposite of your facial angles. So, those with sharp, angular features often do well with round or oval glasses, while those with rounded features may look best in rectangular frames.
Although the below are just suggestions, here are some ideas for each face shape:
Oval or Round
Oval faces tend to be the most versatile when it comes to glasses styles. Try a number of styles out, but you may like rounded glasses or the wayfarer style of frame. Round faces may like square or rectangle frames.
Round and oval styles are great looks for square frames, as they can provide a striking contrast to your face shape. Narrow styles are great for square faces too.
Oval glasses are well suited for those with heart-shaped faces. Aviator can also be a good look, and rimless styles can also be flattering.
Whatever look you go for, glasses are sure to add a certain appeal— in 2011, a scientific journal revealed that those who wear glasses are considered more attractable and likable than their non-glasses counterparts.
Pick Frames That Will Suit Your Lifestyle
When looking for frames, consider your lifestyle and what you’ll be doing when wearing them.
Will you be wearing your glasses constantly between inside and out? If so, a pair that automatically tints to adjust and provide shade in bright light.
If you’re frequently playing sports, make sure the fit is comfortable but also tight enough that it will stay on your face during activity and movement. A lightweight frame is also useful for playing sports.
Durable, scratch and break-proof glasses are also essential for anyone wearing glasses when working out.
If your glasses are for reading, you might consider adding on a reading chain, making it easy to keep track of your glasses without them getting misplaced.
If you’re often outdoors in bright sun, consider a pair of regular glasses, plus a pair of prescription glasses. This way you’ll be prepared for any situation.
Make Sure the Fit is Correct
No matter how much you love the style, if the fit of the glasses aren’t correct, you’re likely to end up with vision-related headaches, glasses constantly slipping off your nose, or a pinched nose if they’re too tight.
To check the width and fit, bend down and try to shake the glasses off. If they stay put, you’re on track to the right fit. However, also make sure they aren’t too tight.
How should glasses fit? Comfortably, but securely, across the nose, cheeks, ears, and temples.
Indicators of poor fit are red marks on your nose or cheeks, tightness around the temples, or your eyelashes brushing up against the lenses.
The glasses should sit in the middle of your face—when looking straight ahead, the center of your eye (your pupil) should line up with the center of the lenses.
If you’re unsure about fit, a trained optometrist or eyeglass specialist should always be able to help.
Our Top Tip on How to Pick Glasses? Trust Your Instinct!
The most important thing to remember when picking glasses is to go with your personal preference, even if they’re contradictory to the above.
At the end of the day, you’re the one that will be wearing the glasses, so you want a pair that makes you feel confident, with a comfortable fit and color and style that you love. If not, the glasses are likely to be left on the dresser and never worn.
Whichever pair of frames you love the most is definitely the one to select, regardless of face shape or your features!
Find Your Ideal Frames Today
Understanding how to pick glasses can be overwhelming at first, with so many designs and styles, but hopefully the above tips can help you get on the right track.
With a bit of trial and error, you’re sure to find the perfect style that will suit your face beautifully, compliment your personal fashion, and will give your clear, perfect vision. Find your dream frames today and enjoy the confidence that comes with your new look.
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