Up and down the United Kingdom, millions of homeowners are constantly embroiled in the pitched battle to beautify their homes and make the very best of their most valuable assets. Now more than ever, people are completely shunning the idea of bringing in the experts to sort things out on their behalf and are instead embracing good old-fashioned DIY. In fact, the UK has become somewhat renowned for being a nation of DIY lovers, which in its own right represents perhaps the thriftiest home decorating tip of all.

But assuming you’d like to take things one or two steps further with regard to the savings – what can be done to minimize expense and generally overhaul the home for less? In an instance where the available budget is rather on the limited side to say the least, is it still possible to effectively transform the home as a whole, or at least its most important and prominent rooms?
It is indeed – here are a few tips from the experts on how to achieve genuinely epic results at home for less:

1 – Look at the Lighting
First and foremost, one of the most commonly overlooked elements when it comes to interior design and home décor in general is lighting. We all know we need lighting throughout the home for basic functionality, but the way in which lighting adds something extraordinarily important to décor and ambience really doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Austwestconstructionmentioned that if for example you were to invest in a couple of designer lighting fittings or fixtures with strategically selected bulbs, you may find you’re able to completely transform the dynamic of your living room without actually altering anything else at all. Just in the same way that poor lighting choices can lay to waste a room of genuine elegance, fantastic quality lighting can make all the difference in the world to rooms where overall décor isn’t exactly palatial.

2 – A Lick or Two
Aside from lighting, perhaps the other most radical yet easy transformation that can be brought to any room of the home is that of a new lick of paint. The simple fact of the matter is that if all four walls and the ceiling alike have been the same shade of off-white for two decades now, it’s going to be difficult to transform the room irrespective of how much effort you put into it.

Once again, the beauty of giving the room a makeoverwith a new coat of paint is the way in which whichever colour you choose immediately frames everything in the room in a completely different way. So, while it may only be the walls you’re painting, you are in fact transforming literally everything in the room.

3 – Moving Furniture
When it comes to saving money on home improvements and decorating, one of the best approaches of all is to work strategically with what you already have access to. If you can get away with buying pretty much nothing else at all, you’re golden. It’s therefore worth considering taking a walk around the home and having a look at the various furniture, fixtures and accessories that could in theory be moved around a little. Simply by switching a few things around from one room to the next, you’d be surprised how big of an impact this can have on the look and feel of each room respectively. Even just moving the furniture around in the living room to a new arrangement can transform the room’s overall dynamic.

4 – In with the Old?
It’s quite the blessing these days that the distressed, worn and ‘rustic’ look really is the height of fashion and good taste. You really only have to check out the choice of furniture in the trendiest coffee shops and hipster cafes out there to see things working in the flesh – no two pieces match and everything looks almost like it’s on its last legs.

So, if you’ve been thinking about revamping your home with some new furniture, why not check out the pure gold on offer at the various charity shops, vintage stores and the likes up and down the UK, where you can pick up these kinds of bits and pieces practically for free?

5 – Outdoors, Indoors
Last but not least, there’s absolutely nothing in the world that can bring the home in general a brilliantly fresh and vibrant new dynamic than the strategic and generous installation of an abundance of plants and greenery all over the place. If you don’t already have plenty of plants positioned around the home, it is almost impossible to comprehend just how enormous the difference can be when you bring a little of the outdoors indoors. And it’s not as if they have to be expensive orchids either – pretty much anything will do when it comes to breathing new life and energy into the rooms of your home, all year round.

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