You might have heard of a nebulizer machine before. A nebulizer is typically a small electricity-driven machine powered by an air compressor. A nebulizer can change medication from its liquid form to aerosol or mist particles that can be directly inhaled. This process is aptly known as aerosolization. This small piece of equipment is commonly used in the treatment of asthmatic clients. The bronchodilators albuterol and salbutamol are among the liquid medications aerosolized most frequently. However, nowadays, nebulizer treatments are also becoming an option for patients with sinus infections.

The Advantages
Nebulizer therapy can be considered as topical administration since the medicated mist is allowed to come in contact with the affected membranes through direct inhalation. This method enables the drug to take effect immediately to obtain faster relief. Metered dose nasal sprays containing corticosteroids or decongestants are also applied topically. However, most nasal sprays produce particles that are quite big for nasal and sinus passages that are inflamed and congested. In addition, the shape and position of the nozzle sprays can merely squirt the medication into the outer membranes of the nasal passages. Thus the medication doesn’t reach the sinus cavities that are located farther back.

Since nebulizers turn the liquid into aerosol, the mist is able to penetrate much farther into the affected sinus cavities even when they are congested. Some particular models of nebulizers also have distinct features that give them more advantages over nasal sprays or even other models of nebulizers. For example, SinusAero is one particular model of nebulizer. SinusAero has among its features the ability to aerosolize 100% of the liquid medication’s volume. Therefore, treatment is carried out faster and without undue medication wastage. Also, it can turn liquid into mist particles of consistent size as minute as three microns, small enough to penetrate even through congested sinuses. As powerful as its air compressor is to be able to perform this action, SinusAero is relatively quiet and does not generate heat unlike some other nebulizers. This lightweight piece of equipment may even include a battery pack for added portability.

However, one of the most obvious setbacks of nebulizer therapy for sinus infections is that medications for sinus infections are more readily available for oral use or nasal sprays. Fortunately though, this unavailability of sinus medications for nebulizer therapy has been addressed by sinus compounding pharmacies. There are now pharmaceutical companies
which compound or customize medication according to the unique needs of clients. The makers of SinusAero, Sinus Dynamics, is also a sinus compounding pharmacy. It has its complete line of liquid medications ready for aesolization, including antibiotics, anti-fungal, decongestants and nasal corticosteroids. So one definite advantage of the SinusAero system is that, your portable nebulizer comes with liquid medications (as prescribed by your physician) made by a trusted sinus compounding pharmacy.

You can discuss the possibility of using nebulizer therapy for the treatment of acute or chronic sinus infections with your health professional. Some nebulizers can be ordered online. There are even health insurance policies that cover the expenses for a nebulizer and the prescribed medications.

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